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Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend Sale Starts Today

Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend Sale Starts Today at Noon (12pm) MST.

These speakers sell out fast!

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To read our review of the Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.II, click THIS LINK.

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Omen Dirty Weekend features the same nanotech full-range driver and super-tweeter as the standard Omen Mk.II, and is based on the Omen Mk.II, sans a few of the fancy bits to get the price down while keeping performance up.

Omen Dirty Weekend is a high performance yet generally affordable, U.S. made loudspeaker that will deliver fantastic sound in any living room. Omen is not fussy with placement or with electronics, matching up nicely with most any amplifier or receiver—modern or vintage. Omen is also built to last a lifetime, like everything we make. Every component (cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies, etc…) is a quality part engineered and built to create a loudspeaker system that will continually satisfy and amaze decade after decade.


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