Wilson Audio Alexx V Launches with XVX DNA | Announcements

The Wilson Audio Alexx loudspeaker needs little introduction. I had instant envy the first time I heard it, with its thundering low frequency slam. The original Alexx was lead by Daryl Wilson while his father David finished the Wilson Audio – WAMM Master Chronosonic, a speaker that changed my perspective on music reproduction.

Fast forward to 2019, Wilson slipped some WAMM sauce into the slightly smaller Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX. At Music Matters 2020, the Wilson XVX loudspeaker, paired with Dan D’Agostino Relentless electronics, produced the closest experience to what I heard while listening to the Wilson Audio WAMMs in David Wilson’s home. 

Today the new Wilson Audio Alexx V is taking a significant number of advancements of the XVX in a smaller form factor and price point.

Visually, the biggest change is the introduction of the open upper gantry similar to its larger siblings the XVX and WAMM. This new frame and associated hardware allows customers to adjust each upper module individually allowing for more precise adjustments.

Other key changes includes the utilization of Wilson proprietary V Material at the top of the woofer cabinet and in the upper gantry consistent with the XVX.

At the same time, there are a few new tricks that are launching first in the ALEXX V including a new Carbon Synergy Tweeter leveraging a 3D printed carbon fiber enclosure!

Resting, below the ALEXX V are new Acoustic Diodes that reduce vibration from the speaker down into the floor utilizing V-Material similar to what was developed for the Wilson Pedestal feet.

The Wilson Audio Alexx V Press Release provided a full list of changes between the Alexx and the new Alexx V.

Difference Between Alexx and Alexx V: 

  1. Inspired by natural elements found in Utah one quickly sees more svelte lines in the Alexx V, like what is seen with the XVX. The exposed “skeletonized” architecture allows an airy and openness currently only found with the WAMM Mater Chronosonic and the Chronosonic XVX. Given the open architecture gantry design, the gantry grilles are seam- lessly attached via embedded magnets, allowing for quick and simple installation and removal. Alexx Vs overall size is only 1” deeper and 1” taller than Alexx Series 1 (same width as Alexx Series 1).
  2. The new 7” Alnico QuadraMag developed for XVX finds its way into the Alexx V. This driver is tonally rich and musically exquisite.
  3. New AudioCapX®-WA capacitors are now used throughout the Alexx V crossovers and are uniquely wound at Wilson Audio to our extremely tight tolerances. These custom capacitors now add a new dimension of low-level resolution.
  4. All new Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter rear-wave chamber is 3D printed in-house with carbon fiber. The development of this unique design provides greater high-frequency extension, more linear frequency response, and better harmonic detail.
  5. First pioneered with WAMM Master Chronosonic, Alexx V features our latest cable management system. Aiding not only the overall visual aesthetic of the speaker’s rear- ward look, this cable management system offers an altogether superior solution to achieving the perfect length of speaker cable for each of the upper modules as they are adjusted for correct time-alignment. Included in this refined design is the illumination cross-brace with a custom made Sono 1 Coolfall light for ease of installation in dark environments.
  6. Alexx V is an extraordinarily adaptable design, including the XLF reversible woofer port and independently adjustable upper modules. Greater ease of installation into a wider variety of listening spaces allows music lovers to truly experience the ability of this system. Every driver is now better aligned and more on-axis with the listener which provides outstanding micro-detail and the time-alignment accuracy is tighter at all listening positions.
  7. All X-Material enclosures with V-Material nested in strategic locations (top of the woofer, in gantry cross-brace, and in the new Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode Spike). Vibration control and upper module isolation are akin to what is found in the Chronosonic XVX, providing amazing settling between the notes.
  8. Introducing the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. An all-new spike system launched with Alexx V, which has been completely upgraded from our standard spike system, and features a novel combination of austenitic stainless steel and V-Material. This coupling system was created by Wilson Audio’s Special Applications Engineering® (WASAE) divi- sion and has superlative vibration management that reveals far greater dynamic nuances across the entire frequency spectrum.
  9. The custom built Wilson Audio binding posts, first appearing in Sasha DAW, have now also been integrated into Alexx V. Both banana plug termination and traditional spade connections can be used with this binding post. This premium binding post offers a clean signal path with an upgraded and larger contact surface area.
  10. There have been several crossover changes. With fewer components now in the signal path we fine-tuned and modified the system for better Impedance and Sensitivity measurements — From a minimum impedance measurement of 1.5 ohms (Alexx) to 2.0 ohms (Alexx V) and Alexx V is +1dB more sensitive than Alexx Series.
  11. Gold lugs, which are a superior electrical conductor, are featured throughout the entire product. Some places they can be found are within the crossover, connector plate contact points, and resistor connections.

We can’t wait to give these a listen and anxiously wait for a review pair to put through their paces.  MSRP – 135k USD.