Pietra and Benchmark | T.H.E. SHOW 2021

pietra speakers

I’m not familiar with Pietra speakers (website), but they resembled the Acora Acoustics speakers which both Marc Phillips and Dave McNair have reviewed and raved to me about recently. The large marble front baffles meant to help create a smooth off-axis rolloff in the treble are also angled to achieve time alignment according to materials in the room. 

Words and Photos by Grover Neville

Made to order in San Diego California, the Pietra Model 3SG weighs an enormous 350 lbs. and, somewhat unusually, use 2nd-order transfer functions in the crossover. Efficiency is a rather low 86db at 2.83V/1m and minimum impedance is listed as 3.4 ohms. Bring a beefy amp for the Pietra. 

pietra and benchmark

Speaking of, the Benchmark AHB2 that was playing in the room seemed to have enough juice to drive the Pietra speakers, and the all-Benchmark system seemed to be making decent music, with an open midrange and huge bass. In fact, bass was a little too huge on some songs, and sounded a bit boomy, though I think it was a room resonance rather than a speaker issue, as I heard a similar cupped sound in some of the other rooms on the third floor. 

Overall dynamics were excellent despite the tonal challenges though, and sounds exploded out of the speakers with force and authority that granite speakers I’ve heard seem to do well. For the audiophile with a strong back and a powerful amp. 

benchmark electronics


Pietra Model 3SG Speaker – $19,000

Benchmark AHB2 Stereo/Mono Amplifier – $2,999/ea

Benchmark DAC3B – $1,699

Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier (preamp) – $2,599

Aurender N200 Streamer – $6,000

Benchmark NL2-to-NL2 Speaker cable – $42.95/ea

Benchmark XLR-to-XLR Interconnect – $38/ea

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granite baffles on the pietra speakers

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pietra speakers