Underwood Hifi & Core Power Tech A/V Delivers the New EQUI-CORE 1000

At less than half a cubic foot in volume, the new EQUI-CORE 1000 “balanced power AC mains conditioner” from Core Power Technologies comes in at a compact 32 pounds. Which clues us into what kind of power is on hand with the new device. Outputting 1,000 watts and 8.5 amps, ready for any audio or video system—perfect for complex custom install.

Regular retail for the new EQUI-CORE 1000 is $1,495 USD, but available during an ‘introductory period‘ for just $999 USD including delivery to all locations in the contiguous United States (or more specifically put, the conterminous United States consists of the 48 adjoining U.S. states on the continent of North America.)

More details and pricing can be found in the following press release, along with details on purchasing. Enjoy!


Underwood Hifi & Core Power Tech A/V
Delivers the New EQUI-CORE 1000

Another In Our Planned Budget – Reference Class Products

Introductory Priced at $999 – DELIVERED Conus

June 29, 2021—Walter Liederman and Underwood Hifi for Core Power Tech A/V is now shipping from stock the new EQUI-CORE 1000.

This is our Best Value, Balanced Power AC Mains Conditioner. A full 1000 watts and 8.5 amps on tap and ready to use. A perfect package—measuring 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep and 5.5 inches tall. Our compact powerhouse weighs in at 32 pounds and easily fits in multiple system configurations for both Audio and Video.

Liederman went on to explain–”This is the type of high value product that Underwood is all about. It exemplifies our new mantra of Value Innovation in High End Audio.

We now have a large enough install-base, and we are listening to what our End Users are looking for. With that in mind we developed EXACTLY what was asked for. An EQUI-CORE that was rightly sized and perfectly suited for vast majority of A/V Systems. The EQUI-CORE 1000 provides dramatically enhanced Video, as well as Audio.

We are excited about these products. It is these lower priced items that require a special discipline that our teams have. These are many of the Designers and Product Planners from the original Audio Alchemy from the early 90’s. These guys knew how to set the market on fire with Budget—Reference Class products that have stood the test of time and really make a difference you can see and heart.

EQUI-CORE 1000 – Retail $1,495.00
Intro special $999.00 delivered (Conus)

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