FERRUM Oor Headphone Amplifier

FERRUM Oor Headphone Amplifier

The news of the new Ferrum Oor headphone amplifier comes in today, from a recently launched brand Ferrum, forged by HEM, and distributed by Vana LTD.

Earlier this year we reported on the Hypsos power supply, also under the Ferrum brand name. Read more about that product HERE.


FERRUM Oor Headphone Amplifier

Ferrum Follows Up Their Hybrid Power Supply
with Oor, a Purist, All-Analogue Headphone Amp

Nesconset, NY — June 8, 2021: Following up the springtime debut of the Hypsos hybrid linear/switching PSU, Ferrum is continuing its mission of creating category-defining audio products with the introduction of the Oor headphone amplifier.

The Polish design firm HEM, parent company of the Ferrum brand, has years of experience quietly masterminding high-performing electronics for other brands. With the Ferrum series, HEM is now making a name for itself as a stable of diverse technical wizards united by a distinctive vision. “We want to reconsider the fundamental questions of audio from a blank drawing board,” said Marcin Hamerla, HEM’s CEO. “So of course we want to take a headphone amp where no one has gone before. Oor was born when we asked one of our most talented engineers to go on a profound exploration of analogue audio in its purest form, and from this philosophical approach, to design a new headphone amplifier. It is a continuation of the design language we established with the Hypsos: marrying internal complexity with external elegance. “

Designed to drive today’s most demanding headphones with ease, Oor (“ear” in Dutch) reflects the implicit head-fi promise to deliver excellent audio reproduction directly to the listener’s ear, with an entirely pure and transparent signal path free of signal processing.

Fully analogue, Oor will drive any headphone to its maximum capabilities, delivering a soundstage with maximum transparency and detail, without a hint of listener fatigue. The exceptional performance is achieved, says Hamerla, by the smartly designed electronics housed inside the unit. “A great deal of attention was given to the design of the internal power supply, which is fed by the specially selected AC/DC power adapter. The preamp stage is a truly balanced design, and this is coupled with a proprietary discrete power amp technology, with carefully selected components implemented inside.”

While Oor performs superbly out of the box, it is designed to excel above and beyond when used together with the Hypsos power system. Using the proprietary Ferrum Power Link (FPL) connection, the Hypsos can perform its 4TSD voltage-sensing measurements far deeper inside Oor than it can with any other product. The combination enables both units to exceed the sum of their parts, outplaying many, if not all headphone amps in its price category. When paired together, Hypsos can perform to its absolute maximum, unleashing unheard musicality when combined with Oor.

FERRUM Oor Headphone Amplifier

Trust Your Ears

Ultra-low distortion, zero listening fatigue, huge dynamics and unrivalled detail. Oor makes something very difficult to accomplish seem like the most natural thing on earth.

Simple Controls + Understated Beauty

On the characteristically minimalist chassis finished with Corten steel and anodized aluminum, Oor presents just three control knobs: the small gain knob, the large volume knob, and a toggle for selecting input (balanced vs unbalanced).

Truly Balanced

The signal path stays truly balanced whether using the XLR inputs or the RCA inputs.

Discrete design

Proprietary discrete power amplifier technology.

Superior control

Perfected biasing of output transistors protects them and never lets them turn off, reducing distortion to inaudible levels and keeping them in a state where they can instantly unleash all their power — crucial for high dynamics, superlative control and authority in sound.

Available late summer 2021. MSRP: $1,995.


Founded in 2010, VANA Ltd is a full-service importer/distributor of fine audio products, including Atlas Cables from Scotland, Audio Physic loudspeakers from Germany, European Audio Team (E.A.T.) turntable products from Austria, Ferrum electronics from Poland, Marten loudspeakers from Sweden, and Okki Nokki record cleaning machines from the Netherlands.

Based in Nesconset, NY, VANA offers sales and marketing services to specialty manufacturers around the world. VANA provides dealer support and sales channel management at the highest level and maintains relationships with North America’s most respected high-end audio retailers.


Looking at the competencies of HEM and the rich local history of quality craftsmanship in the Warsaw region of Poland inspired the idea of creating a new brand of quality hifi products. The Ferrum brand was created in early 2020 and set out to combine sustainability, durability and quality into compact yet attractive packages, focused on one thing only: delivering the best possible audio experience at an affordable price level. The second Ferrum product, OOR, redefines the form and functionality of headphone amplifiers while keeping a focus on the very foundations of each audio product. Exciting future products will follow suit in unique, exciting and new ways. All Ferrum products are forged from love by HEM.


Founded more than 20 years ago in Warsaw, Poland by Marcin Hamerla, HEM set out to operate at the forefront of audio technology. Having done several projects for the Polish government, HEM’s focus shifted to industry leading digital technology in collaborating with Mytek Digital. Experimenting with hi-res audio and Master Quality Authenticated files in particular, HEM manufactured the finest Digital to Analogue converters in the world under the Mytek brand. Apart from being responsible for manufacturing Mytek, HEM distributed the brand in European and Far Eastern markets. Another brand in HEM distribution is Clarus Cable. HEM recently introduced a new and completely in-house developed brand of hifi products under the name Ferrum. Because of HEM’s in-house Research & Development and Software Programming Division, fields of expertise also include the manufacturing of original electronic equipment (OEM) and electronic designs (ODM).

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