Dave’s Day One Highlights | CAF 2021

caf 2021 audio note
CAF 2021–Audio Note

Okay, I’m not Dave McNair, and I’m not even at the 2021 Capital Audiofest. So don’t ask me where I am and to come to room 409 because you want me to listen to something. I’m in Oregon. CAF 2021 is 3000 miles from where I’m sitting.

But the CAF 2021 photos from Dave McNair and Eric Franklin Shook are coming in hot and heavy. In addition, the NC Crew are quite busy–Dave has been conducting seminars on remastering while trying to cover the show, and hordes of groupies are preventing Eric from getting to his Chromebook. Coverage will begin shortly.

So I’m posting random photos from the show. Eric and Dave report it’s packed at CAF 2021, and aside from the masks and the social distancing everything looks wonderfully normal!

audio note caf 2021
CAF 2021–Audio Note
j. sikora turntable
CAF 2021–J. Sikora


caf 2021 audio note turntable
CAF 2021–Audio Note


caf 2021 qln prestige one
CAF 2021–Qln


more qln
CAF 2021–Qln


Fern and Roby at Capital Audiofest
CAF 2021–Fern and Roby


CAF 2021
Reed 3C turntable and Integrity Canada Tru Glider Pendulum tonearm