Treehaus Audiolab | CAF 2021

You don’t come across single brand systems at audio shows that often, so when the opportunity arises I take advantage. Treehaus Audiolab founder and designer Rich Pinto was demonstrating a full line of electronics and speakers, which feature unique parts and implementation.

The Story

Treehaus Audiolab is a Southport, Connecticut based audio company that has been in business since 2017. Until this point, Treehaus Audiolab found their customers by word of mouth, but as Mr. Pinto informed me, the time has come for Treehaus Audiolab to extend their presence in the market.

Capital Audio Fest 2021 was the first ever audio show for Treehaus Audiolab and Mr. Pinto, but from the looks of things, this wasn’t the first time Treehaus had exhibited their systems.

The first ever product from Treehaus Audiolab was their bespoke open-baffle high-efficiency full-range field coil loudspeakers (say that three times fast). Central to their design, a rebuilt and reimagined vintage Klangfilm driver from Atelier Rulli. Implemented in Treehaus designs via open-baffle loading into large asymmetrical live-edge wood slabs.

Currently there are two models in the Treehaus Audiolab lineup, starting with the National Treasure ($16,000 USD), an open baffle design, approximately 24-inches wide and 52-inches tall, using live-edge Walnut or Elm, with hard Maple side-walls and support legs. Drivers include a Atelier Rullit “Aero” full-range field coil with a custom tube rectifier power supply. A Fostex T90A Super Tweeter and permanent magnet woofer flank the outer frequency ranges from there. The crossover design uses Milfex caps and a Fostex L-Pad for tweeter attenuation. Speaker terminals are from Cardas, and Neutrik PowerCon for the field coil power. MiniDSP (for woofer), and speaker-to-power supply are included (Belden 9497). As these are bespoke designs, more options are available upon request.

The flagship speaker is named Phantom of Luxury ($24,000 USD), which builds upon the lessons learned in designing the National Treasure, by increasing slab width to 30-inches over 24, using the more sophisticated Atelier Rullit “Super Aero” field coil, and featuring a Fostex T900A Super Tweeter, and Supravox field coil woofer and power supply. Taking everything up a notch in complexity and cool-factor.

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Treehaus Audiolab have collaborated with legendary electronics designer and builder Radu Tarta to produce thermionic tube amplifiers and preamplifiers ideally suited for high-efficiency loudspeakers. Based on the work of Susumu Sakuma (Japan) the amplifiers utilize a DHT driver interstage coupled to a directly heated triode power tube.

The Treehaus preamplifier is based on the 4P1L design and utilizes TVC (Transformer Volume Control) to abate signal losses often found in more traditional attenuation devices. Parts are quality, using Finemet transformers, Coleman filament regulators, and Cardas connectors.

The Preamplifier ($16,000 USD) features a tube rectified power supply, multiple power supplies, Cardas RCA in and out, Elma input switching, Amphenol connectors on the PSU umbilical, and hardwood veneer over baltic birch multi-ply casework.

The Amplifier ($16,000 USD) features an outboard Sakuma architecture PSU, 10Y/801A driver tube, Finement Interstage iron, Gold Lion 300B power tubes, Finement output iron, Coleman filament regulators, and an LED voltage readout. Along with other connection and finishing features found in the preamplifier design.

The Sound

Taking the reins of the Treehaus system on Sunday afternoon, friends Langston Styles, Jameson Mourafetis and myself put the system and its components through the paces. Starting with vinyl, it was a few tracks from Radiohead‘s album D-Sides — where we discovered thrilling dynamics and honest soul by the cartful.

Switching over to streaming on Qobuz, I decided to take a tour of the most challenging and informing tracks from our Part-Time Audiophile (War Room) playlist. Tracks like these are make or break for us, setting up whatever system they are played on for instant failure or celebratory success. And I’m happy to report that what we heard was shockingly positive. Seriously, this system did a few things almost too well.

To be continued…

The System

Treehaus Audiolab Phantom of Luxury – $24,000

Treehaus Audiolab Preamplifier – $16,000

Treehaus Audiolab Amplifier – $16,000

Capital Audio Fest ModWright
Capital Audio Fest 2021 Show Coverage powered by ModWright Instruments Inc.

For more Capital Audio Fest 2021 coverage—CLICK HERE!

Capital Audio Fest ModWright
Capital Audio Fest 2021 Show Coverage powered by ModWright Instruments Inc.

For more Capital Audio Fest 2021 coverage—CLICK HERE!