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When you fire-up the reminiscing machine and think deeply about how you became an audiophile, you might think back to your first real hi-fi purchase. For myself it was the Vandersteen 1C. I had owned some gear pretty kick-ass gear before owning the 1C, though all purchased used, and most of it from brands who had seen better days—but it’s the Vandy 1C in my journey where I plant the audiophile flag.

I purchased my first Vandies new, from a real hi-fi dealer, and to me that’s a real entry point into the hobby. If that doesn’t meet your criteria, then I do have a story about my first real cable purchase and it involves none other than Mr. Peter Belt.

But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re instead here to celebrate the fourth iteration of one of the most iconic entry level speakers of all time, the Vandersteen Model 1Ci+. In constant production since 1983, so let’s take a look at what’s new. Enjoy!


Introducing the Vandersteen
Model 1Ci+

Redefining a Modern Classic

In constant production since 1983 the Model 1 series always represents incredible value and is a great speaker to start your audio journey. From the very first Model 1 a striking number are still listened to and cherished every day by real-world music lovers who still believe its performance-driven value proposition is as good as it gets for them.

Timeless classics like the Model 1 have staying power because the designer stayed true to a vision. The Model 1 gives a sample of the Model 2’s sonic excellence at about half the price in a smaller, easy-to-drive package.

Improving a product that has existed since 1983 is no easy task.

When Vandersteen’s design team considers revising any model loudspeaker, they must adhere to Richard’s mandates that have made Vandersteen a household name amongst audio and music aficionados:

  • Every speaker is time and phase-correct
  • Every speaker features minimum-area baffles for driver mountings that eliminate most cabinet edge and grille diffraction anomalies.
  • Every speaker represents our best effort to offer a sonically competitive speaker at its price.
  • Every speaker provides owners long term reliability
  • Every speaker is ‘Made in the USA, in our solar-powered factory in California.

No speaker better introduces the growing younger aficionados to the Vandersteen mandates than the iconic Model 1. The new Model 1Ci+ does away with the unused attenuation for treble and features our modern crossover design to enhance the sound from top to bottom. The results are improved clarity and better midrange-timbre accuracy.

This 4th version of this iconic speaker still available under $2K with stands included. Vandersteen is often asked how we pack so much sonic value into our Model 1. The answer is looking at every detail and making sure it adds value to the ultimate sound. Unlike the original design, the Model 1 is referenced to the Vandersteen family sound, including the Model 7 XTRM, and although not as revealing, it still stands as a proud part of the Vandersteen family of products.

The cabinet, or lack of wood veneer or paint, to be exact, remains in the new offering, as the cabinet is one of the critical elements of the high sonic value. – To touch this timeless cabinet design would result in a much higher price. Many other designers have wondered, “how does he do it at that price?” and the cabinet plays a large part in that value. Combining High-Quality Drivers into a fabric cabinet means excellent sonics for the price.

The alloy dome tweeter is a dual-chamber design improving range and linearity. It is carefully damped, eliminating the excessive ringing associated with metal dome tweeters. The alloy used for the dome offers superior strength and resistance to break-up. The woofer uses costly cast-metal baskets rather than the more common stamped baskets. The cast-metal patented open baskets’ inherent rigidity and superior vibration control increase cone movement accuracy and reduce sympathetic resonances for cleaner and more natural sound.

Vandersteen does not rely on listening alone to make claims of sonic excellence. Vandersteen Audio is the first loudspeaker manufacturer to use the Gen-Rad 2512 Fast Fourier Transform Computer Analyzer in research and development and remains a leader for interfacing complex loudspeaker parameters and performance computer analysis with practical design and engineering. The Model 1Ci+ continues Vandesteen’s quest to couple proven technology with advanced materials, construction, and design for a speaker system that is always true to both science and music at a value price point.

Welcome to the 4th generation Model 1 – A classic and iconic loudspeaker built continuously since 1983 in the USA.

About Vandersteen Audio

Vandersteen Audio designs and manufactures time-and-phase-correct loudspeakers and superb electronics. Every Vandersteen loudspeaker is designed to be as true and accurate to the signal received from the amplifier as possible, but with unsurpassed natural musicality and “Dimensional Purity.” All Vandersteen products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, in Hanford, CA.

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