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Just in time for the new year, YG Acoustics launches a new, more affordable speaker line called the Peaks Series. Models start at just $8,500 pr USD.

More information can be found below. Enjoy!

The Peaks Series

The Peaks Series includes five new speaker models plus a powered subwoofer, each performing at a new reference level for their price point. They excel in any size room, across all genres of music, and are offered in high quality finishes to suit every style of home.

Throughout the Peaks development process, quality was never compromised. The Peaks models use YG’s proprietary ForgeCore tweeters and our exceptional BilletCore drivers. These are mounted in thick aluminum front baffles which are precision machined in-house to a profile guided by detailed computational modeling.

The sealed cabinet bodies are inch-thick dense resin fiber, curved to exact tolerances in custom presses by experienced European workshops. They include advanced bracing and acoustic absorbers which eliminate cabinet resonances and reflections.

Innovative crossover topologies are optimized through complex simulation and countless hours of critical listening. These designs maximize efficiency and ensure the broadest possible compatibility with amplifiers. The Peaks crossovers use the highest quality components and are hand-built on circuit boards that YG machines in-house.

Through its unique combination of cutting-edge science and engineering, Peaks represents an approach with no compromises. Everything from the drivers, cabinets and crossovers, through to the veneer, lacquer and internal cabling has been carefully selected and modeled to deliver the most accurate, most musical performance possible.

Peaks speakers throw a massive soundstage, providing insight and detail yet retain exceptional musicality and a natural sound that is never fatiguing. They provide holographic imaging across a very wide area, combined with purity, dynamics, and deep, authoritative bass.

About YG Acoustics

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is recognized as one of the most prominent companies in the high-end audio industry, a pioneer whose technical advancements remain unmatched.

We strive to provide the best performance, cutting-edge technology, value, reliability and exceptional customer service. We are here because we make products that we believe in, and we believe in perfection. Dedicated to top-notch craftsmanship and producing life-like sound, creating top-of-the-line speakers is the byproduct of our passion.

Most importantly, we are committed to long-lasting relationships with our customers and music lovers around the world.

CEO, Dave Komatz started his journey with YG Acoustics as a lifelong admirer of the audio industry. He brings many years of entrepreneurship and expertise as well as a passion-driven-vision for the future of YG Acoustics.

Dave began his career in commercial property development, moving on to own and manage several operating companies that spanned manufacturing (Ceara Products), fabrication (Curtis Fluid Power) and Communications Product & Services (CP&S).

Through these experiences, Komatz quickly realized that the excitement of growing a company highly overshadowed the comfort of risk-free employment. When the opportunity came to acquire YG Acoustics and lead a team of incredibly talented and progressive thinking individuals, the decision was simple.

Fueled by a genuine passion for the science and the art, Dave has been at the helm of YG Acoustics since 2017.

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