Valentine’s Day Playlist | NEWS

Aaahhhhh yeaaahhh. You know what time it is! 

After taking a worldwide tour on this morning, I was inspired to create our own little Valentine’s Day Playlist. To do so, I enlisted the help of our favourite hi-res music streaming service Qobuz to be the servant our foolproof selections. These versatile tracks are guaranteed to embody the spirit of this love season holiday.

Curation by Eric Franklin Shook

Whether it’s a an extravagantly planned evening of gastronomic delights, romance, and unbridled sensuality—or simply you and your crush grabbing a box of wine at the 7-Eleven and heading down to the railroad tracks to throw rocks at passing trains—this playlist will set the perfect mood for love.

“Slow songs for wining and dining. Fast songs for business time. Weird songs for when nothing else works.” —

Valentine’s Day Playlist (Part-Time Audiophile)

“Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.” —Brian Fantana


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