Florida Audio Expo 2022 | PREVIEW

Florida Audio Expo 2022—We’re back!!!

TAMPA (PTA) — We’re back for 2022!!! Our own Senior Contributor, Dave McNair and Managing Editor, Eric Franklin Shook will be leading the charge, along with two new players (contributors) along for the ride. Who exactly? Well, it’s a surprise.

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What to expect when you’re attending!

Lots of NEW and DEBUT products in action. It’s no secret that the Florida Audio Expo is often spoken about by the audiophile press as the dress rehearsal for Axpona. With that, it’s common to hear an exhibitor say: “This is the first time we’re showing it in the US (or World) but the debut is at Axpona.”

So, consider FLAX 2022, your sneak peak of what’s to come.

FLAX 2022 show coverage is powered by our friends at Well Pleased A/V

With an expected fifty exhibit rooms, new product demos will abound. New system debuts from brands like MBL have us excited, but none more so than the two room exhibit from Tenacious Sound. What’s so interesting about their exhibit is the amount of new product launches, along with several heralded brands making their return to US markets.

Tenacious Sound Presents World Premieres at the Florida Audio Expo!

We reached out to Tenacious Sound for comments about the upcoming show. Tenacious Sound a brick-and-mortar hi-fi dealer based in the Augusta, Georgia area, serving the Southeastern US. They will be presenting multiple world product premieres within two rooms at the Florida Audio Expo here in Tampa.

“We’re excited to be exhibiting at the Florida Audio Expo for the first time, with several world premieres of very cool new products,” said Shayne Tenace, founder and owner of Tenacious Sound. “Along with world premieres of speakers from Perlisten and Q Acoustics and a stereo amp from English Acoustics, we’ll be showing two models of Michell Engineering turntables. As longtime fans of Michell ‘tables, we’re happy to be involved in the brand’s return to America.”

“We’re also looking forward to showing our ‘Best sound under $5k’ system—we think attendees will be impressed by the sound quality that can be attained with a modest budget. We look forward to seeing both old and new friends at the Florida Audio Expo, and we think our systems will impress a lot of listeners,” said Tenace.

FLAX 2022 show coverage is powered by our friends at Well Pleased A/V

After Hours with our own Dave McNair, hosted by Acora Acoustics

Dave McNair, is more than one of our senior contributors, he’s also an eleven time Grammy® winning mastering engineer by trade, winning his most recent award just this past year. Hosted by Acora Acoustics in newly added Westshore Ballroom, you get to experience first hand the deconstruction and reassembly of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

More importantly, you’ll get to see and hear why Dave McNair chooses Acora Acoustics SRC-2’s for his mastering studio. The detail retrieval and top-to-bottom balance of the SRC-2’s is state-of-the-art, and works wonders in both pro and domestic settings. Be there, or be square.

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Florida Audio Expo Highlights | The Occasional Podcast

After it’s all said and done, when the wrap-up is done, it will be time to mic up and tell the tales tall and short of everything we saw, heard, and drooled over. Okay, maybe not everything, but everything audio related that isn’t top secret. Brian Hunter, Executive Producer and Host of The Occasional Podcast will be your guide, delivering the highlights of FLAX 2022.

FLAX 2022 show coverage is powered by our friends at Well Pleased A/V