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sonus faber omnia

At PTA we have an affinity for Italian speaker company Sonus faber–their Maxima Amator won Product of the Year for 2021–and we also have an affinity for premium wireless speaker systems. So we’re pretty excited to announce the new Sonus faber Omnia.

According to the press release:

“Combining Sonus faber’s Italian heritage and design expertise, the Sonus faber Omnia wireless system enhances the listening experience with a suite of features that allow users to connect a variety of media with new, innovative technologies at an accessible product, seamlessly integrating Sonus faber’s signature natural sound into any modern space or lifestyle. This system is equipped with two new trademarked technologies from Sonus faber, the touch sensitive SENSOTM and CRESCENDOTM , an advanced signal processing system. “

sonus faber omnia
photos courtesy sonus faber

The Sonus faber Omnia system has plenty of features, of course, down to a built-in phono stage! You can simply connect your turntable and enjoy LPs anywhere–with that classic Italian sound quality.

You can connect the Sonus faber to your smart TV, or stream from your favorite sources, or configure the Omnia in countless ways. The SENSOTM is the touch sensitive top surface, which allows you access the Omnia’s functions. The CRESCENDOTM is a signal processer that:

“…results in a greater sense of dimensionality and immersivity, cleverly utilizing the two full range sides speakers. It creates a crisp wavefront which, through room reflections, mimics that of a live performance.”

lifestyle premium wireless speaker from italy

The Sonus faber Omnia is available in both graphite and walnut finishes. You can find out more information at the Sonus faber website.