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You’ve probably heard all about the new Living Sound Audio VT-70 integrated amplifier in the audiophile press right now–most of the press coverage appeared after LSA’s announcement last week, and social media was buzzing–how could the LSA VT-70 tubed integrated amplifier do what it does for just $1,399, much less the special introductory price of just $1,199? What’s the catch?

We saw a lot of conjecture that made us laugh at Part-Time Audiophile, mostly because Marc Phillips has had an LSA VT-70 in for review for the last few weeks, and he’ll come up with some fact-based answers for you when the LSA VK-70 review appears this spring. And don’t forget Graig Neville’s recent review of the LSA Discovery Warp 1 power amplifier!

Meanwhile, here’s the press release for the LSA VK-70:

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Lahaina HI, February 22, 2022: Living Sounds Audio is pleased to announce the availability of the LSA VT-70, a vacuum tube integrated amplifier utilizing EL-34 output tubes. The VT-70 features remarkable performance and an extraordinary set of features including dual meters, a built-in headphone amp, and a metal remote control. The VT-70 is priced at $1399, direct from Underwood HiFi, but is presently available at introductory pricing of $1199, delivered.

“After 50 years in audio, what excites me the most is being able to offer great, high-value products,” said Walter Liederman, President of Living Sounds Audio and Underwood HiFi. “The LSA VT-70 is one of the best values I’ve ever been able to offer our customers: it sounds great, looks great, and can be used by anyone. The LSA VT-70 is one of the best value in vacuum tube amps today.”

Features of the LSA VT-70:

–35 watt/channel all vacuum tube design, with 1-12AX7, 2-12AU7, and 4-EL-34 output tubes (2 per channel)
–Dual front-panel meters display power output of each channel, switchable to set bias levels
–All-metal construction, with black chassis and machined aluminum front panel
–Headphone output on front panel, subwoofer output on back panel–Full-function high-quality metal remote control is included
–All tubes are superb PSVANE units, with matched pairs of EL-34s
–3 RCA inputs are provided, switchable from front panel control or remote

“The LSA VT-70 allows our customers to put together a really good system for around $2000,” said Liederman. “And of course, we’re happy to help them choose the rest of their systems to complement this amazing amp.”

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