Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 and S3 Debut | NEWS

pro-ject cd box

Pro-Ject has just announced the launch today of two new CD players, the Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 and the CD Box S3.

According to the press release from Pro-ject, these two new players are affordable, and yet they offer many modern digital technologies.

  • Our Pro-ject CD Box DS3 ($899) maintains the best features of its predecessors and adds the acclaimed Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC. The buttons on the face allow easy control and the supplied remote control offers incredible convenience. The high contrast dot-matrix display shows all relevant CD info for easy listening.
  • The Pro-Ject CD Box S3 ($549) is the first product of Pro-Ject’s new S3 line. The complete aluminium casework has undergone significant changes and introduces the new S3 size. The reworked circuit design brandishes a 1.54“ display with a colour inversion feature to showcase your favourite CDs.

pro-ject cd box ds3

Features on the Pro-Ject CD Box DS3:

• True Red Book CD player
• Blue Tiger CD-80 servo board for 1:1 CD playback
• Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC chip
• Luxurious slot-in mechanism
• Intelligent suspension for perfect resonance derivative
• High contrast dot-matrix display
• Trigger in and output
• Solid aluminium housing protects against interference
• Torsion-free cabinet for optimum CD drive assembly
• Remote control included
• Available in silver or black
• Magnetic wooden side panels avaialable separately
• Made in Europe

The Pro-Ject CD Box S3:

• NEW aluminium casework
• NEW 1.54“ display with colour inversion function
• Slot-load mechanism
• PCM5102 DAC for precise playback of Audio-CDs
• RCA line level analog output
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital output
• Remote control included
• Metal casing protects against interference
• Available in silver or black
• Made in Europe

pro-ject cd box

As Pro-Ject states on the press release:

Our CD Box DS3, the first component of our completely new DS3 line, can be integrated with existing DS2 products because the dimensions are the same.

The CD Box S3 is our first product of the new S3 line. The complete aluminum casework has undergone a significant change & the D Box S3 introduces our completely new S3 size.

For more information, visit the Pro-Ject website.