Doug White of The Voice That Is, Presents Berks Jazz Fest Listening Experience

This year’s Berks Jazz Fest will feature a stunning line-up of Jazz greats and future stars, along with a unique and mind-blowing TIDAL Audio exhibit to celebrate the festival’s 31st Anniversary.

Information on Berks Jazz Fest can be found here at and more on Doug’s Listening Experience can be found below.


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Doug White of The Voice That Is
Presenting the “Berks Jazz Fest Listening Experience’

The Berks Arts Council has joined with Doug White, owner of The Voice That Is, an award-winning, high-end audio company, to present the inaugural Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest Listening Experience.

The Berks Jazz Fest Listening Experience will be held Thursday through Saturday — April 7-9 — in the Oak Room located on the second floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton Reading.

Berks Jazz Fest general manager John Ernesto, Doug White and Richard Waller are developing a schedule of special meet-and-greet artist appearances that will include experiencing music selections on a state-of-the-art audio system, featuring many selections by artists appearing at the Jazz Fest.

The Voice That Is, established in 2007, configures ultimate high end audio systems, and represents world class audio products including the internationally acclaimed TIDAL Audio speakers and electronics that deliver recorded material in the most accurate way possible — a natural, transparent experience that must be heard to be believed. TIDAL Audio systems can be found in private listening rooms of music lovers worldwide — including on a yacht!

Doug White, The Voice That Is

To be involved with the Berks Jazz Fest, especially the 31st anniversary event, is really exciting for me,” said White. “Being a former musician, the aim is to share my experience and ability to reproduce music in the home environment in the most realistic way. I want to give attendees of the Berks Jazz Fest an opportunity to experience something that I truly love and believe is really important.”

I find that most people don’t experience music in the best possible light in their homes. Whole house systems simply do not deliver the ultimate fidelity available and, for many, this could be an experience they’ve never had. The listening event will be a great opportunity for the musicians as well because they will be able to hear how their recorded work is conveyed in its purest form from the listener’s perspective. I feel this will further their art and ultimately provide an improved experience for their fans.

The Berks Jazz Fest Listening Experience will provide yet another opportunity for me to share an accurate representation of the musician’s talents – uncolored, where sound-staging and real textures of the instruments are revealed.

About TIDAL Audio GmbH

Founded in 1999 and based in Hurth, Germany, TIDAL Audio was recently awarded the Robb Report “Best of the Best” award for the TIDAL for Bugatti project and continues to receive world-wide accolades and recognition. The Voice That Is is proud to be affiliated with such a remarkable organization.