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focal chora

Just last week we told you that Focal was having a sale on their headphones and in-wall speakers through the month of April. This sale includes the Focal Clear MG headphones, a favorite among some of the PTA staff. Focal has just announced a second part of that sale on the entire Focal Chora line from April 15th until supplies run out. The Chora 806, by the way, is listed in our Buyers Guide, and we have an upcoming review of it from Eric Franklin Shook.

As Eric mentions in the Summer 2021 issue of Part-Time Audiophile’s Buyer Guide:

“The Focal Chora 806s are the embodiment of upstream technology trickling downstream. Few speakers in this price range have as smooth of a treble that is also this detailed. Side-to-side imaging from these little wonders is enormous. Tuning is true audiophile throughout the frequency range, and still they do well for dialog in a two-channel theater. But don’t be fooled, these monitors are ideal for enjoying music–but don’t forget the Focal Chora Speaker Stands. They are optional, but for the correct driver time-alignment and height they are a must for best performance.”

focal chora 826

Here’s the scoop from Naim Focal on the Focal Chora sale:

April 15 until supplies last: 

20% off Focal Chora line of speakers (limited quantities)

Focal created this line to produce a high-fidelity sound, with the Focal technology and aesthetics signature accessible to all music lovers. The Focal range features the brand new Slatefiber cone. Developed and manufactured in Focal’s workshops in France, it distinguishes itself by a dynamic, detailed and balanced sound. 

Focal Chora line:

·        Chora 806 – $399 each

·        Chora 816 – $719 each

·        Chora 826 – $959 each

·        Chora 826-D – $1199 each

·        Chora Center – $631 each

·        Chora Surround – $399 each

·        Chora Center Stand – $119 each

·        Chora Stand – $231 pair