Drooling over Acora, VAC, LampizatOr, UHA, TW-Acustic | AXPONA 2022

I am not in the budget for an ultra-fi system — and probably never will be. That fact, sad though it is, is true for most of us. HOWEVER, the point of the ultra-fi is less “can I get this with fries?” and more “how is this even possible?” At least, that’s how I content myself. If you’re ultra-fi capable, you’re invited to keep that negativity to yourself.

In the Nirvana A Ballroom here at AXPONA 2022, I found all manner of ultra-fi goodness and I’ll say this — I wish I was rich.

In this room:

  • Acora Acoustics SRC-2 Loudspeakers: $37k/pair (reviewed here)
  • VAC Statement Phono $80k
  • VAC Statement Line Pre $80k
  • VAC Statement 452 amplifiers $150k/pair
  • UHA Superdeck Tape Machine $90k
  • Aurender N30SA $24k
  • LampizatOr Horizon DAC $49k
  • TW-Acustic Black Night turntable $45k
  • TW-Acustic Raven 12″ tonearms $6k each
  • Dynavector DRT XF-1t cartridge (#1) $9450
  • Charisma Audio Signature 1 cartridge (#2) $3800 (reviewed here)
  • Acora Acoustics SRR-V / H audio racks $5,500 each

Okay, so given that I am not rich, today I got to pretend I was. Greg Beron was spinning tape from the Ultra Deck and the tube amps from VAC lit up the rocks from Acora (the cabinets are granite) in a way that was breathtaking — this was tape-sexiness at perhaps its best sound ever, and the liquidity in here was enough to make butter melt in sympathy at 50 yards. Sadly, I did not get to hear either the Black Night (perhaps my favorite turntable) nor the new summit-level DAC from LampizatOr, but perhaps that’ll be something someone on the team can catch.

Brilliant showing from Acora and The Audio Company. Definitely left me wanting was more-more-more.

Clearly, I need a better-paying job. Or maybe a lotto ticket. Or maybe a rich patron. Or maybe ….

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