GoldenEar and the Mystery of the BRX | AXPONA 2022


When I saw there was a GoldenEar room at AXPONA 2022, I knew I had to make a special trip. I’ve had the GoldenEar BRXs in for review for way too long–I never thought I’d have such a tough time with a pair of $1598 two-way monitors. The problem with the BRXs is this: they’re chameleons. They’ve sounded completely different in each configuration I’ve had. They’re a reviewer’s nightmare, but they’re also a stunning pair of affordable bookshelf speakers. I hoped that the GoldenEar folks would offer some insight so I can finally finish the review.

The GoldenEar BRX monitors, along with a pair of GoldenEar subwoofers (around $4K for the complete system), were being compared to the GoldenEar Triton Reference flagships (around $11K/pair USD), using Parasound components and, of course, AudioQuest cables. (AQ bought GoldenEar a few years ago.) The two speaker systems sound very different–the Triton References sounded big, forward and framed within a panoramic soundstage. The GoldenEar BRXs, along with the GoldenEar subs, sounded far more laid back, relaxed, and smaller. Yet I still enjoyed the sound of the BRXs–even though they still sounded different from the three or four systems I’ve assembled. Of course they sounded different.


I tried to sneak out of the room undetected, but I was followed by a group of the exhibitors (from room sponsor Saturday Audio Exchange, Parasound and GoldenEar). “What did you think, Marc?” I told them my plight with the BRX, and after a few minutes I think I had enough info to finally finish the review. It’s common to find an amplifier, cables or even a source that is chameleonic, but a speaker?

Usually transducers stamp their sonic traits across the board, but the GoldenEar BRX is different. Intriguingly so. I’ll figure it all out soon, but until now I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write. Thanks to the folks at Saturday Audio Exchange for giving the push in the right direction!

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