New Brands at AXPONA | AXPONA 2022

new brands at axpona

I decided to focus on the new brands exhibiting at AXPONA 2022, or at least some of the companies that had returned with completely new or redesigned product line-ups. Of those, three loudspeaker manufacturers caught my immediate attention: Aretai, Rethm, and Valorem.

Harkening from Latvia, Aretai brought their entry-level two-way bookshelf Contra 100S ($7,500/pr USD) for demonstration in Room 1515. The other models in the Aretai lineup include the floor-standing Contra 200F ($25,000/pr) and the mighty Contra 350F ($50,000/pr). Aretai immediately won a Red Dot Design Award after the company’s debut at the 2018 Munich show. All three designs share a waveguide-loaded tweeter in a sealed box. The Contra 100S played quite deep for a two-way, going all the way down to 30Hz! The 100S also had superb imaging and bass extension.

Rethm, who made a name in the past with high-efficiency single-driver loudspeakers, now has a fully redesigned line-up. Designed and manufactured in India, the Rethm Aarka ($6000) was creating a sparkly sound stage with strong bass authority from such a minimalist system. This is a powered speaker with a full-range wizzer-cone phase plug driver driven by a hybrid-tube 25 watt amplifier mated with 100 watt Class AB dual 6-inch bass drivers.

Efficiency was 94db, there is no crossover, but the bass has an adjustable low-pass filter. The 25 watt amp can be bypassed if desired, but this minimalist system was being driven by a iFi DAC/Streamer to showcase how easy these are to set up and make great music. There are three other models in the lineup, with the flagship Saadhana costing $17,500/pr. While not exactly one of the new brands at AXPONA, Rethm is certainly welcome back to the world of high-end audio.

After starting a speaker company during the height of COVID-19 in 2020, Valorem Audio was finally debuting their new Somnium ($8,400/pr) two-way stand mount speakers. This new company manufactures loudspeakers out of Addison, IL (a Chicago suburb), a currently features three speakers in the lineup. With the entry level prices starting at $2,200/pr USD, Valorem looks to be a contender in the hot two-way market. The Somnium played deep for a small bookshelf model, and it sounded great to my ears. All three of these new brands at AXPONA 2022 are deserving of your attention.

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