Wynn Audio, Vimberg and Karan | AXPONA 2022

This report on the Wynn Audio room at AXPONA 2022 might seem a little photo-heavy. There’s a reason for this–we had five PTA staff members at AXPONA and every single one of them just HAD to photograph these beautiful lime/chartreuse/fluorescent/electric green Vimberg Minos (from $42,000/pr USD) in this dark, dramatic room. I won’t mention who shot what, especially since at least one of us isn’t totally happy with his results, but you get the picture. Literally.

The Wynn Audio room also featured Karan Acoustics from Serbia, a rare spotting in the US. (I know about them–Colleen owned some of their amps before she met me, and she thinks the world of them.) Doug White of The Voice That Is! was at AXPONA to support his brands, so while I missed the pure joy of another one of his dedicated rooms, I still was able to bask in the bright green light emanating off the Minos.

wynn audio thales

The rest of the system in the Wynn Audio room consisted of a Thales analog rig and a Kalista digital front end. And check out those huge wooden grounding units from Entrec! Entrec of Sweden performed much of the groundwork and research that has led to the current earthing innovations in  high-end audio, so it was a pleasure to see one of their products in person.

karan acoustics

Oh, the sound? I mean, I can shrug it off and say something like “It’s Vimberg! How could it not rock?” This system energized the big downstairs exhibit room in a way that many other larger speakers at the show couldn’t. But the surprise here was listening through the Vimbergs into the Karans and realizing that Colleen might actually know what she’s talking about when it comes to good sound.


Here’s where the Wynn Audio room made its deepest impression–with the reactions of the show attendees. I sat in my seat for at least fifteen minutes, and during that time I saw one audiophile after another get up, smile, and muttering something vague about not knowing a system could sound that good. That’s what it’s all about. wynn audio


vimberg minos

wynn audio

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