Focal 300 ICA6 In-Wall Speakers Introduced | NEWS

focal 300 ica6

Focal Naim has continued to press forward in 2022 with a series of promotions as well as the introduction of several new products. Today, Focal Naim announced the introduction of the Focal 300 ICA6 in-wall speakers, which we had a chance to see and hear at their very large and impressive exhibit room at AXPONA 2022.

Here’s the summary on the Focal 300 ICA6 in-wall speakers:

“Inspired by the 1000 ICA6 loudspeaker from the high-end 1000 Series line, 300 ICA6 is the latest addition to the 300 Series line. This in-wall/in-ceiling hi-fi loudspeaker has a 6’’ (16.5cm) speaker driver and is angled at 35° which removes the “shower effect”. The angle also means that it can be positioned in several ways in the ceiling, including in corners for fully discreet sound delivery. Using the product as a Dolby Atmos® / DTS: X loudspeaker greatly enhances the effects experienced in 3D audio, making it the perfect complement for a 300 Series Home Cinema system.”

focal 300 ICA6

“When it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing its products, Focal considers all the ways in which they will be used and tries to design a product pathway of discovery for its clients. Every Focal system can be added to and/or switched with the next range up within the universe of aesthetically and acoustically harmonious products it has created. As the Focal 300 ICA6 has a similar design and is the exact same size as the 1000 Series products, you can easily grow and develop your system.”

focal 300 ICA6

Focal’s 300 ICA6 angled in-ceiling loudspeaker will be available September 2022 for $499. For more information, visit the Naim Focal website.

Key points
• In-ceiling coaxial 2-way loudspeaker
• Quick, easy, no-tool product assembly
• Speaker drivers developed and manufactured in France by Focal
• Delivered with square and circular grilles ready for painting
• Black and white felt ready to stick
• Off-axis response control (tweeter position and gain adjustment)
• Speaker driver angled at 35°