Innuos Pulse | High End 2022

innuos pulse

Here was an unfortunate theme for me at High End 2022–I just attended AXPONA 2022 a month ago, and in many cases I had to go back into a room in Munich only to find virtually the same system I had already covered. At first I though this was the case for Innuos, one of our favorite digital companies, located in Portugal. Once again they demonstrated the flagship Innuos Statement with and without the new NEXTGEN power supply upgrade. But High End in Munich is the biggest high-end audio show in the world right now, a place to make big introductions, which brings us to Innuos Pulse.

The Innuos Pulse line features two models, the Pulse and Pulse Mini, which are network players designed for audiophiles who just want to stream. That sounds like me! While I absolutely loved the Innuos Zen Mini music server I reviewed last year, I’m still undecided on the fate of my massive CD collection. The Innuos Pulse, Qobuz and Roon are probably all I ever need.

innuos pulse and pulse mini

Getting back to that original Innuos Statement comparison, I was once again amazed by the gains in dynamics, clarity and balance thanks to something as simple as an improved power supply. In this room, Innuos mixed up the system by using Audiovector speakers, which sounded brilliant and musical, but a pair of KEF LS50s were also brought in to show everyone that even a small (albeit accomplished) pair of monitors could reveal how the performance envelope had expanded.

kef and audiovector

But it’s the Innuos Pulse and Pulse Mini that has me excited, and the wonderful folks at Innuos have assured me that I will get my chance to hear these network streamers ASAP so I can determine is this is the pathway for me when it comes to digital audio. I’m looking forward to finding out.

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innuos pulse mini

kef ls50

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