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Fremer, lost to Bill Evans

A known digital junkie and nap enthusiast, Michael Fremer, is getting the band back together…(insert sliding needle scratch) wait, what??

If you were lucky (or old enough) to skim the pages of The Tracking Angle back in the late 1900s (century)—a completely on trend print magazine for that era—you may recall falling in love with the voices of authority and reason in Michael Fremer, Nick Despotopoulos and David L’Heureux. Good news for fogies. It’s back!

Just as the Tablets of the Law that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai were published in the most popular script-form of the day (stone and finger), The Tracking Angle returns to hungry audiophile readers via the World-Wide-Web (a digital format), and to twitchy Millennials and Gen Z via a YouTube channel (also a digital format).

As you know, we at Part-Time Audiophile love and adore Michael Fremer, and truly wish him and his team the best of luck and prosperity at their new digital home. 😉

The Press Release

Coming summer 2022

To all my dedicated readers,

TrackingAngle.com is the new online home of the pioneering 1990s print magazine The Tracking Angle I edited and produced in partnership with Nick Despotopoulos and David L’Heureux.

I will leave AnalogPlanet at the end of June, 2022 to launch this new venture and bring with me to TrackingAngle.com my talented writing staff as well as introduce to you some new contributors—and watch for the new TrackingAngle YouTube channel.

Reuniting with Nick and David, we will continue to produce the Internet’s most comprehensive reviews of recorded music and affordable audio equipment, with a focus on analog playback. In addition there will be new features and other content focused on the worldwide vinyl resurgence.

We’ve got a lot of great things in store and can’t wait to share them with you beginning this summer. Join our mailing list below to stay informed as the new site takes shape.

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Michael Fremer and Leif Swanson, loading up the assault
Stereophile’s Michael Fremer and Traveler Panagiotis Karavitis