Zu Audio Union 6 | NEWS

Zu Audio launched their new Union 6 Series today, with a floorstander leading the charge, and more speakers in the Union 6 Series to come soon, and sooner.

  • Union Bookshelf
  • Union 6
  • Union 6 Supreme

The Union 6 (floorstander) comes to us first, with several features and enhancements over the models it replaces that will assuage any of the previous concerns one might have when taking that first leap into the world of Zu Audio. Review forthcoming!

Details, photos, and pricing are enclosed in the press released below. Enjoy!


Zu Audio Union 6 Loudspeakers

The New Union 6 Series Replaces: Omen Dirty Weekend,Omen 2,
Soul Supreme, Omen Bookshelf, Omen Center Channel and Zu Cube.

New Zu Union 6 Series speakers replace several recent models: Omen Dirty Weekend, Omen 2, Soul Supreme, Omen Bookshelf, Omen Center Channel and Zu Cube. Three versatile and easy-to-understand speakers replace six former models, simplify selection and comprehensively improve on their predecessors, too. Our goals with the Union 6 Series:

– Raise resolution, transparency and tone across the board
– Make each speaker unfussy with respect to room placement and associated gear
– Remove the confusion of having 12 ohms and 16 ohms models in a predominately 8 ohms amplifier mass market
– Eliminate the traditional Zu setup task of finding the right floor-to-speaker gap for your room

We accomplished all of that with the Union 6 Series. We kept all the funk and fun that has always attracted people to Zu, and eliminated the fuss that deterred some others.


Union 6 Series starts with Union Bookshelf [coming soon], a compact 12” x 16” x 12” [30.5 x 40.6 x 30.5 cm] high performance speaker that easily out-resolves the famed Omen Dirty Weekend while creating more placement options. Union 6 is our workhorse, entry-level floorstander in the same slim minitower size as all prior Omen models, but with resolution and tone able to leverage associated gear well above its paygrade. Union 6 also raises prosaic amps and sources to new musical heights. Union 6 Supreme [coming sooner] is astonishingly vivid, transparent and toneful such that it can tap the potential of the best associated gear in any system, without needing the same to thrive.

Think of the Union 6 Series as the staircase into the House of Zu. Much in common between them, but performance elevates as you ascend the line. All three loudspeakers are based on the Soul 6 full-range driver, and all use center-mounted supertweeters. All are rated for 99 dB/W/m efficiency. All have amp-friendly, 8 ohms impedance. All of these speakers have our new more sophisticated ZuGriewe and scatter plate internals that eliminate the fussy floor gap and instead allow the main driver to “see” the room via a rear exit. You can place Union 6 as close as 2″ from the wall behind it.

Union 6 – Fantastic First Speaker. Might Be Your Last.
For economy-minded buyers with ambitious listening objectives. Starts @ $2,899 USD

Zu’s Union 6 is a full spectrum, highly resolving and robust floor-standing loudspeaker. Zu’s full-range, ten-inch driver incorporates a coaxially mounted supertweeter which extends the high frequency response to 22 kHz before rolloff. Locating all of the moving elements around a single axis makes for an exceedingly cohesive and unified wavefront. When combined in a precision-matched stereo pair Union 6 creates startling musical realism with a highly dynamic, stereophonic sound field, including excellent projection of spatial depth. Union 6, being a highly-efficient, broad-bandwidth loudspeaker, responds to your music with agility, precise timing and rich tone in ways that let you hear deeply into a recording without ruthlessly exposing every harshness upstream in the system or recording, nor contributing its own.

Union 6 Specifications