Wynn Audio, Kalista, Métronome, Vimberg, Thrax, Entreq | THE Show 2022

Wynn Audio always makes a strong showing with Vimberg, and T.H.E. Show Long Beach was no different.

Words and Photos by Grover Neville

Imaging performance in many of the hotel rooms was a challenge, but the Vimberg Amea speakers powered by Karan Acoustics‘ POWERa Stereo Amplifier were pulling off a convincing trick: putting a real piano in the space. I am constantly amazed by how good these not-so-little Vimberg monitors are, performing more like a floorstander than a bookshelf, and I am hoping to get a pair for my own home auditioning soon.

These puppies come with a price tag, but the team responsible for Vimberg really knows how to make a killer speaker—it’s hard to think of anything the Vimbergs don’t do at a level I can only describe as sublime. If you want to hear refinement, this is what it sounds like.

Read Marc Phillips review and awarding of the Vimberg Amea here.

System Components and Prices

  • Kalista DreamPlay X CD Transport – $68,800
  • Kalista DreamPlay XC (forthcoming) – $79,000
  • Métronome AQWO DAC/CD Player – $20,000
  • Vimberg Amea Bookshelf speakers – $18,000/pair
  • Karan Acoustics’ POWERa Stereo Amplifier – $53,000
  • Thrax Dionysos Silver preamplifier – Unlisted
  • Entreq Olympus Infinity T Ground box $4,900