Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Preview | PAF 2022


If I can cover High End 2022 in Munich by myself, I can cover anything! We’ll see about that, of course, when I drive up to the Pacific Audio Fest 2022 in Seattle later in the week. It’s supposed to be a smaller show, but it is the inaugural event–PAF tried to launch during the carefree and optimistic early days of the pandemic and now it’s finally happening, two years later. And once again it’s just me, trying to sneak in and out of rooms unnoticed.

I’ve always anticipated this show, especially since I moved to the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago and knew it wouldn’t take a 14-hour flight to get there. It’s a three hour drive, a lovely one at that, and I do enjoy Seattle. The Pacific Audio Fest 2022 does look small at first–then again, people said the same thing about AXPONA 2022 and High End 2022 and I thought they were magnificent, well-attended shows.

pacific audio fest 2022

Here’s why I want to do to the Pacific Audio Fest 2022–it’s the quality, not the quantity. Von Schweikert Audio/VAC/The Audio Company will be there, and in one of the biggest exhibit rooms they’ve ever occupied. Aavik, Ansuz and Borresen will be there–after hearing their $100,000/pr two-way monitors in Munich I’m eager to experience that lesson in sheer physics again. Acora Acoustics will be there, along with other PTA favorites such as Focal Naim, Joseph Audio, LampizatOr, LTA, Margules, Sonner Audio, ModWright, SoundSmith, AudioQuest and so much more.

Finally, my favorite reason for going to the Pacific Audio Fest is the presence of some of my Aussie chums from my Down Under Audio days–Serhan/Swift and Les Davis Audio will be there! My coverage will start this Friday or Saturday and continue over the next week, although I will be sneaking down to San Diego after PAF 2022 to cover an important event from Bowers & Wilkins. To cap off this international summer, the one where I turn the big 6-0, I’ll be heading to Denmark for the first time. So the next few weeks I’ll be having a high-end audio adventure, and I’ll try to cover as much as possible!

pacific audio fest 2022paf 2022