JMF Audio Enters US Market with New Amplifiers | NEWS

We just received news that JMF Audio of France will be entering the US market for the first time, and doing so with a new line of amplifiers.

Information on JMF Audio, their distribution, and the new HQS 7002 Monoblocks is detailed below. Enjoy!


JMF Audio of France, founded by Jean Marie Fusilier
in 1985 announces new line of amplifiers, and is
finally available for the first time in the USA

JMF Audio designs handcrafted, state-of-the-art audio components, renowned for their performance, high output power, and natural sound. The quality and performance of the JMF Audio components convinced some of the most prestigious recording studios, from Soundville, (Switzerland), Masterfonics, USA (Tom Hidley’s reference studio), and 2L (Norway) just to name a few, to use JMF Audio components for all their recordings, from the power amplifiers and cables to the mains filters.

JMF Audio is proud to introduce their new line of analog products, featuring their new Orose® machined sealed cabinets with rose gold engraved logos. Transformers, capacitors and most major components used are bespoke created by JMF Audio or to their specific specifications. The products are completely handcrafted (including the proprietary PGP gold-plated circuit boards where all components are mounted and soldered by hand at the facility) for superior quality control.

JMF Audio’s approach to power amplification:

  • A huge reserve of energy for instant delivery at the output on fortissimo. Achieved with the proprietary RPS concept involving bespoke toroidal transformers and bespoke high performance capacitors.
  • High voltage electronics for superior headroom and higher efficiency. A linear amplification by design, a short signal path starting with a precision trimmed balanced input stage. These are key features of the LDA driver board, the center piece.
  • High current output capability for best possible control, allowing the amplification structure not to rely on compensations such as feedback loops, yet featuring a high damping factor by nature. The base of the proprietary MTP concept.


HQS 7002 Mono Amplifier (2): $68,000
Output Power: 700W/4 ohms
Common mode rejection: 100 db
Bandwidth: 3Hz – 100kHz
Signal to noise ratio: better than 125db

Two other new power amplifiers are available from JMF Audio – the HQS 6002 Dual-mono amplifier and the flagship HQS 9001 mono amplifiers.

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