LTA Z40+ Integrated, Spatial X4 Speakers | PAF 2022

lta z40+

The Linear Tube Audio/Spatial Audio Lab/Anticables room is usually a highlight at audio shows. Here’s the breakdown: put together a system, including a DAC (from either LampizatOr or, in this case, Holo Audio), and offer it as a package for around $10-12K. One more thing…it has to be the best complete system you can find in high-end audio for anywhere near the price. At the 2022 Pacific Audio 2022, this idea was taken to the next level with the new LTA Z40+ integrated amplifier ($7,650 USD), and the also new Spatial Audio Lab X4 loudspeakers (starting at $7,950).

So we know what these brands can accomplish for the low, low five-figure range, but how about a complete system for roughly twice the price? Coupled with the Holo Audio May DAC ($5,598) which Grover Neville recently reviewed, as well as the “New” Level cable loom from Anticables, this system was one of my absolute favorite rooms at the show. The LTA Z40+ integrated reflects some of the latest thinking from Mark Schneider, who looked at the truly high-end ZOTL amplifier circuits from David Berning and made important refinements.

spatial audio x4

How good was the LTA Z40+ with the Spatial X4s? Frankly, I was astonished. While LTA/Spatial systems usually sound rich, clear and deep with beautiful extension at the frequency extremes, this system took everything to the next level. That’s sort of a meaningless description unless you think about how you responded the first time you heard this gear, and how it sounded unbelievably good for the money. With this system, you can remove the qualifier. $20,000 buys you a complete system that gets you off the high-end audio merry-go-round and keeps good company until the day you leave this astral plane, presumably after a memorable spin of Tool’s “Chocolate Chip Trip.”

I found myself leaning forward in my listening room, trying to find something bad to say about the LTA Z40+ and the Spatial X4s. I failed miserably. The value of my review system is usually three to four times the cost of this system, but I would not hesitate to grab this if I ever had to start from scratch. LTA and Spatial knocked it out of the park as far as I’m concerned, and it’s time to get in line to review this gear.

lta z40+ and holo may

spatial x4

lta z40+ and spatial audio lab x4

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  1. Completely agree with you. Theirs was one of my favorite rooms at his year’s AXPONA too.

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