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sonner audio legato duo

Just yesterday I mentioned the Fink Team Kim at the 2022 Pacific Audio Fest, and how that pair was being sent to my house directly from the show. There’s another gorgeous and satisfying speaker also on its way–the Sonner Audio Legato Duo. I’ve already filled you in on Gunny Surya’s loudspeakers from my AXPONA 2022 coverage, but here we are again, with one exception. While I’ve been talking about getting a pair of Sonner Audio speakers for review since before the pandemic–it’s been delayed because Gunny has been selling everything he builds–I knew this pair was the one that was actually going to show up on my porch.

What can I say about the Sonner Audio Legato Duo ($9,500/pr USD) that I haven’t already said? As you can see, these are slim, attractive 2.5-way floorstanders, raked back at a dramatic angle for time alignment, and they sound like a much more expensive speaker. The balance is full, the lower frequencies are exhilarating and the detail, while embedded in an appropriate amount of warmth, is plentiful.


While Gunny had some problems with noise from the DAC–many rooms had issues with streaming and wi-fi access at the 2022 Pacific Audio Fest, which is hardly unusual for high-end audio shows–I could easily hear past that and enjoy an immersive soundstage that I find intoxicating. (See Joe Cohen’s comments below.) Aside from the Sonner Audio Legato Duo, the system was comprised of LKV amplification and the aforementioned DAC from Sw1x. Gunny usually presents simple yet effective systems in smaller rooms (kinda like me), but the sound in this room easily bettered some of the big ballroom exhibits I saw elsewhere at the show.

As I write this, the truck carrying the Sonner Audio Legato Duo loudspeakers is on its way to my house for delivery. Just like the Fink Team Kims, the Legato Duos are long-awaited, and the rest of my summer looks quite promising indeed.

gunny's line-up

sonner audio legato duo

sonner audio legato duo

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  1. Ultimately, the SW1X DAC III SPX that was sent to the show was removed from the system. There was nothing amiss with the DAC itself. Rather, there was an interaction issue that was unfortunately not resolved at the show. For those who missed hearing it, here is a recording of the very same DAC after it’s return.

    Played on the Lotus Group Reference System

    Best if you listen with headphones. You will hear the sound of the room.


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