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Last May, when I attended High End 2022 in Munich, I walked into the Göbel High End room and was so knocked out by the system that I awarded this German company Best of Show. I heard numerous great systems in Germany, but this was the room that sounded the most like live music. When I saw that Göbel was going to make an appearance in the USA, at the 2022 Pacific Audio Fest, I put them at the top of the list for coverage.

In Munich I was able to hear the 80,000 euro/pr Divin Marquis mated to Divin Sovereign subs (30,000 euros/ea), along with Wadax digital sources and True Life Audio amplification. At PAF, I heard another Göbel High End, the Divin Noblesse ($220,000/pr USD), with CH Precision amplification and much of the same Wadax gear including that crazy/gorgeous $140,000 DAC. I should probably stop listing these prices right here and now, or else I’ll start getting angry comments from PTA readers that will never see the light of day.

ch precision

In Seattle, I heard many of the same strengths I heard in Germany. These Göbel speakers excel at sheer impact, power and dynamics. The exhibitors know this, which is why they have a stash of outrageously powerful percussion tracks on hand to blow the stink out of the room. Even though it’s foolhardy to make this type of comparison, I heard a clearer and more exact presentation in Seattle–prolly the CH Precision gear—but the Munich system, with TLA, was much better at conveying the sheer energy from a live performance.

Either way, it’s great to see Göbel High End making an appearance here in the USA. If my first two exposures to this speaker brand are any sign, I think they will be fighting the other kings at the top of Big Speaker Mountain USA in a very short amount of time.

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Göbel and ch precision

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