PSB, BluOS, NAD | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

Just Add Speakers

Not gonna lie, I love the simplicity of what’s on display PSB and NAD here at Audio Advice LIVE 2022.

In my personal life I strive for decluttered spaces, and straightforward approaches to technology that just work. Sadly, none of that has really become a reality for me thus far, but I do dream about such a lifestyle via YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

But there’s that word: lifestyle

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

On the surface of things, this exhibit could come across as a compromised lifestyle hi-fi system on display, but the components it is assembled from are true hi-fi pieces any way you slice it.

  • NAD M10 v2 — A 100 wpc N-Core, one box solution, improved remote, improved preamp section, $3K USD
  • Synchrony T600 — New tower in the flagship Synchrony series, includes isolating footers, $9K USD

Both of these products are new iterations or redesigns from existing platforms, launched this year.

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The Sound of Simplicity

Aside from the idea of simplicity being an attractive thing, this system sounded mighty, huge, and delicately composed.

I’ve already written about how NAD’s foray into digital power amplifiers has been a successful one, but it does bear repeating that NAD knows how to get the best from this type of topology and do so for the best kind of money asked, less.

And maybe it’s something about having PSB and NAD under one roof, but the synergy they create is real and it delivers the goods. Making this system consisting of one box, two speakers, plug-and-play, one of the smartest approaches to serious sounding hi-fi in the market.

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