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KEF Powered Theater Speakers?

Yes, actually!

Audiophiles love to talk about how STEREO is better than 5.1 or those god-forsaken soundbars, and that free-standing components are better than integrated or self contained all-in-one systems, and most of the time they are right but only from a certain point of view.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Another perspective to take: What’s right for the space we live in? Audio Advice LIVE 2022 along with KEF and friends put forth what I thought was the right answer.

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The Case for Stereo

It’s really simple, as the most lifestyle solution for small scale projection or television systems has been to opt for soundbars, but what’s lacking in their performance spectrum is convincing music playback and true stereo imaging.  Soundbars that feature ATMOS sound and DSP algorithms work okay, but fall short with anything else. Often sounding tinny and congested in both spatial information and dynamics.

Using powered stereo speakers like the KEF LS50 II or the game changing LS60 Wireless instead offers great advantages over soundbars with both movie and music content. And it’s something that’s taken way too long to arrive in my opinion. I’ve been screaming about this alternative since the days of “big-box HTiB’s” dominating that market space.

KEF LS60 Wireless

These “music first” speakers are making waves, and rightly so. Biting their thumb at the establishment and making a case for hi-fi to embrace realistic domestic lifestyles.

The LS60 Wireless is an all-in-one hi-fi stereo system, with digital and analog connectivity support throughout its app and tethered components like subwoofers.

Combined with the KC62 Subwoofer (and DSP), the small but mighty KEF package packed a wallop for film soundtracks and delivered a spirited rendering of musical passages.

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