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Unrivaled by RBH Sound

Another pleasant surprise from RBH Sound of Salt Lake City, Utah — you know, that state where a lot of the best hi-fi comes from — came in the form of a new loudspeaker series dubbed Unrivaled.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

The Unrivaled is still considered in the stages of “pre-release”, so information I report here is not set in stone. Available as a passive loudspeaker pair with available amplification or as an active (and wireless) package with a built-in digital crossover and tri-amplification to power each section of drivers. I’m assuming the digital crossover section precedes the amplification stages.

If you opt for the more traditional passive crossover version, RBH Sound also makes a multichannel amplifier under the Unrivaled name that they claim pairs flawlessly with their loudspeakers, and who are we to argue with that? If the loudspeaker maker is considered an artist — and you want to hear things “the way the artist intended” — would you not then buy their amplifier as well? Exactly.

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Unrivaled Active

  • Built-in digital crossover and tri-amplification to power each driver section
  • Utilizing a new wireless network technology with 16 patents (more pending) which can send a line-of-site signal over 1,350 feet

Unrivaled Passive

  • Use your own high-quality amplification or our UNRIVALED hand-built amp
  • Standard speaker cables required

The Unrivaled Sound

Though not a fan of the high-gloss black sideburns on every speaker (I hope that becomes optional), I really dug the level of finishing on these new Unrivaled loudspeakers. I’ve dabbled in car restoration before, and this is really nice work.

And maybe it was the use of auto grade finishes, bright colors, or even the baffle design — but I was getting strong Von Schweikert Endeavor vibes from this new loudspeaker. This is a good thing, because our own Marc Phillips and Graig Neville highly regard that brand and series of loudspeakers.

Shown in their passive crossover version with Unrivaled Alpha Series amplification, a Hi-Fi Rose Streamer and Oppo disc spinner just in case, the new Unrivaled towers kept us seated and impressed far longer than we expected.

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