Rekkord Turntables to Be Imported by Vana LTD | ANNOUNCEMENTS

rekkordHere’s a great new entry into the world of affordable turntables–Rekkord of Germany, not being imported to the US. Here’s the press release:

Nesconset, NY, October 6, 2022: Although Rekkord might not be a household name in the US, their German-made turntables have been a standard of excellence for nearly half a century. VANA Ltd has been appointed North American distributor and is proud to present these superbly crafted turntables, offered at entry-level prices within the reach of ALL vinyl lovers.

Handmade in the Black Forest, in the same factory where renowned German turntable brands have been built for decades, every Rekkord TT is assembled by hand and carefully adjusted to achieve exemplary sound quality, reliability and unit-to-unit consistency.

Rekkord turntable and tonearm designs benefit from nearly half a century of precision German engineering and their production expertise is a legacy of precision machining and clock-making which predates the invention of the gramophone. (The founders’ original factory opened in 1907.)

Continuously refined over the past five decades, Rekkord’s automatic turntable mechanism has no equal in terms of performance and longevity. Unlike hard-core audiophiles, casual turntable users, as well as those music lovers who haven’t spun vinyl for years, expect automatic operation and Rekkord is almost unique in offering a wide array of fully-automatic or semi-automatic ‘tables across its product range. Most importantly, Rekkord turntables start below $400 MSRP, with Model F 100P ($399 MSRP) outfitted with Audio Technica’s excellent AT3600L Phono Cartridge and integral Phono Preamp.


Rekkord believes that the superiority of their products requires the finest component parts; for this reason, 99% of the components used in their turntables are manufactured within a 25-mile radius of their factory in St. Georgen. Having made precision turntable parts for decades, Rekkord’s suppliers are ideal production partners. The company’s higher range tables utilize a massless (dynamic) downforce adjustment which optimizes the center of gravity directly at the bearing center. This configuration improves tracking and mitigates the deleterious effects of an imperfectly leveled table. The core of this massless system is a carefully manufactured spring design, which has its roots in watchmaking.

Given their extraordinary quality, unmatched value and ease of use, Rekkord is certain to
become the brand of choice for retailers, integrators and music lovers. We encourage you to contact VANA and learn more about Rekkord’s collection of uniquely affordable, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Turntables.