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Our friends at Andover Audio, who make some of the best all-in-one “record players” we’ve heard at PTA, are now expanding into electronics with the SpinStage phono stage for just $249. The Andover Audio SpinStage handles both MM and MC cartridges, and is designed for ultra-low levels of noise.

Marc Phillips reviewed the Andover-One a few years ago, and last year Graig Neville tested various items from the Andover Audio product line such as the SpinBase and the SpinSystem. Both writers were impressed.

andover audio

Here’s an excerpt from the Andover Audio SpinStage press release:

Andover Audio is pleased to announce the launch of its new SoundBites Series with the first model, the SpinStage phono preamp (MSRP $249). Making an elegant style statement in a striking clear finish of bead-blasted, anodized aluminum, this SpinStage has been painstakingly engineered to deliver ultra-low noise to support virtually any moving-magnet (MM) or moving-coil (MC) cartridge. It’s a great addition to a system that lacks a phono input, or one that needs to add MC compatibility—or simply to improve on an existing preamp’s internal circuitry.

The SpinStage has two key features not commonly found in budget phono preamplifiers. First, by adding a separate MC gain stage with ultra-low-noise discrete transistors in a type of transconductance topology usually found only in more expensive designs, the SpinStage benefits from providing the necessary gain without added noise. Second, the addition of an Auxiliary input restores the input used by the SpinStage when it’s connected to an amplifier that has only a few inputs. For example, a system that includes a CD player or other device may need the input used by the SpinStage.

“We created the SoundBites Series to give our customers a gateway to a component system with a strong ratio of performance to price. The SpinStage delivers the flexibility and the sophisticated, nuanced performance of expensive phono stages at a very reasonable price. A sensible upgrade to the rudimentary preamp stages built into turntables or receivers, the SpinStage brings out the best of what the cartridge can deliver. For added value, the SpinStage will easily be a long-term solution, even as upgrades are made to the cartridges. And, finally, its classic styling is timeless.”
—Bob Hazelwood, Director of Engineering, Andover Audio

For added assurance, Andover Audio offers a 60-day home trial and free shipping/returns so
that customers can audition the SpinStage in their own listening environments.


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