MoFi Electronics, HiFi Rose, IsoTek, SolidSteel, Alma Music | CAF 2022

“They’re going to sell a ton of these.”

This was my initial reaction to what I heard once the music started. I say this, because I think I have a grasp on the market at this price point, and I always think I’m right at predicting a future. Myself often citing this time and that time, when I was definitely on the mark. The times I missed, well — that’s someone else’s fault for dropping the ball and not seeing my predictions through to the end.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

So what’s on display?

A simple system of the nomadic lifestyle friendly type, that features an all new MoFi Electronics loudspeaker from Andrew Jones, and electronics from HiFi Rose. Hosting the exhibit room, Alma Music & Audio of San Diego, California — here possibly to learn about the East Coast weather in mid-November.


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MoFi SourcePoint10

It’s a large bookshelf, with a 10-inch woofer, and concentrically loaded 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter.

The new MoFi Electronics SourcePoint10 is currently available to order direct from the MoFi Electronics site for $3,699 USD with delivery expected before the end of the year. In addition to the walnut finish above, the MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 10 is also available in black as well.

We sat down with the loudspeaker designer, Andrew Jones, to discuss at length the design philosophy behind the SourcPoint10 on our Occasional Podcast, linked HERE.

Andrew Jones visits The Occasional Podcast


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The Sound

A shit ton of clean and deep bass, dazzling coherence, and gobs of fun dynamics at either end of the spectrum. That’s what we heard with the curated tracks from MoFi staffers during their demo. Highly impressive.

Here’s where our consensus is divided.

The most spoiled rotten of us, expected that level of refinement and dynamics to be available with every song on the planet. Which, anywhere near this price point — isn’t the case. So while some of us were left a bit wishy-washy by the outcome, I found in the SourcePoint10 a surefire winner.

No, this doesn’t sound like a $15k loudspeaker, but it does whoop a lot of ass in the sub $5K range, and with street price well below that, it more than delivers the audiophile goods.