Triode Wire Labs, BorderPatrol & Volti | CAF 2022

triode wire labs, borderpatrol, volti
All photos by Paul Elliott

Our good friends at Triode Wire Labs cables, BorderPatrol amplification and Volti Audio speakers attend nearly every high-end audio show in the US, which is hard work. Their motto, however, displayed on the wall, is Have Fun! It’s difficult NOT to have fun in this room, year after year, because the gigantic soundstage, sheer power and incredible detail always leads you to believe this is the perfect party system for audiophiles who like to let loose and dance around the room while still in awe of the fidelity.


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Triode Wire Labs, as many of you know, makes superb cables for a truly reasonable price. We’re talking about the American Speaker Cables that start at $699/pr USD, Spirit II interconnects starting at $399/pr USD, and the Freedom ethernet cables that start at $249. When you hear these cables, at that price, sound like THIS in their exhibit room, you might start to question whether you spent too much on your cables.

caf 2022

In addition to Triode Wire Labs, the room also featured a full complement of BorderPatrol amplification, as well as their very popular DAC S/SEi (from $1,450). We’re talking about tube amps that we at PTA know well–the P21 EXD power amplifier with 300Bs and 20wpc (from $13,150), and the 8wpc SE300B EXD (from $13,375).

triode wire labs

Finally, Volti Audio brought a special version of the Rival loudspeakers that Scot Hull digs, but in a special Cerajiera veneer for $15,000 pair. As Volti’s Greg Roberts says, “I believe the wood cabinets I build for my Rival speakers are the highest quality wood speaker cabinets in the industry. Higher quality cabinets = better quality of sound. I install the finest wood veneers and finishes on my cabinets because I love the beauty of wood and I want my customers to enjoy their beautiful speakers for a very long time.” 100 dB sensitivity and low frequencies down to 32Hz makes the Rivals a rare transducer in today’s market.

Digital was supplied, as usual, by an Innuos Zenith server mated to the BP DAC. If you haven’t had fun in a Triode Wire Labs, BorderPatrol and Volti Audio room at a high-end audio show, did you really go at all?

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