Børresen, Ansuz and Aavik | CAF 2022

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If you’ve followed Marc Phillips’ adventures in Denmark, specifically his visit to Audio Group Denmark where they make Børresen speakers, Aavik amplification and Ansuz cables and accessories, you’ll know they are at the forefront of innovation in high-end audio. Why? Because the company is doing serious research into reducing inductance in the signal chain which allows their products to lower the noise floor in dramatic ways.

This was on display in the two AGD room at CAF 2022, where the Børresen X3 loudspeakers debuted. Since information for the Audio Group Denmark exhibit room at Capital Audiofest 2022 was available in the form of a QR Code, and there were a few show-wide complaints about the need for QR in general, we needed to bug the folks in Aalborg for a comprehensive equipment list:

Aavik S280 Streamer – MSRP $12,000

Aavik U280 Integrated Amp with built-in DAC – MSRP $18,000

PowerSwitch D2 Ethernet Switch – MSRP $6,600

(The three pieces above are currently being reviewed by Marc Phillips.)

Mainz8 D2 AC Power Distribution Bar – MSRP $11,000

Mainz D2 AC Power Cords on all components: MSRP $11,600 each (1M)

Speakz D2 Speaker Cables – MSRP $18,700/2M Pair

Digitalz D2 Coax Cable – MSRP $9,900 / 1M

Digitalz D2 Ethernet Cable – MSRP $3,000 / 1M

Børresen X3 Speakers – MSRP $11,000/pr.  Available in March 2023 in Black or White

Børresen Z1 Cryo Speakers with stands – MSRP $17,000/pr.


Sortz – Noise Cancelation devices: Sortz Standard Version – MSRP $840 each, Sortz Supreme Version – MSRP $1200 each, Sortz Signature Version – MSRP $1600 each. (All the above Available in RCA or BNC Configuration); Sortz Standard Version – MSRP $1080 each, Sortz Supreme Version – MSRP $1600 each, Sortz Signature Version – MSRP $2100 each. (All the above Available in XLR male/female, USB or LAN RJ45 Configuration).

Sparkz – AC Outlet Noise Cancelation device with US wall plugs, Sparkz Standard Version – MSRP $520 each, Sparkz TC3 (Brand new) – MSRP $1200 each.

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While AGD is best known for Børresen speakers, the Aavik electronics were very sophisticated–class D circuitry, very little aluminum in the chassis, AGD’s Tesla coil and analog dithering technologies, and a sense that everything was designed to work perfectly together.

Their exhibit at High End 2022 wow’d Marc Phillips to no foreseeable end. While he has a chance to experience the Børresen M1 bookshelf monitors which cost a cool $100K per pair, the Børresen X3 floorstanders were clean and open and impressive, and a bargain at the price.


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borresen, aavik and ansuz


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