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Focal Naim has impressed us lately with their stunning new finishes on many of their new products over the last few years. (Just check out Grover Neville‘s review of the Focal Kanta N°2.) The name of the game over the last couple of years has been new colors, finishes and textures that blend into most living environments, but these two new colors–Black Ostrea and Brown Concrete–give the Focal Sopra N°2 a look that sets it apart from the crowd.

Here’s the press release:

Focal Presents Two New Finishes for the Focal Sopra N°2 Loudspeakers: Black Ostrea and Brown Concrete

After the success of the Focal Sopra N°2 loudspeaker created as a special edition for the 10th anniversary of Focal and Naim joining forces, Focal has applied the expertise acquired on this exclusive finish to launch a collection of new Sopra finishes for 2023. These changes will only affect Focal Sopra N°2 models. 

The prices for the finishes are $10,999 USD each and $13,999 each CAD. Available February 2023.

focal sopra

The Brown Concrete finish for the Focal Sopra N°2 inherits the design of the special edition finish created for the 10th anniversary of Focal and Naim. With its metallic bronze front panel and its chocolate-colored, concrete side panels, this loudspeaker seamlessly blends into any interior. It is a work of art, bringing a modern look to any living space. 

The Black Ostrea finish for the Focal Sopra N°2 is inspired by the pearlized appearance of an oyster. It reveals its full character through its iridescent finish on each side. Created by the concrete effect, the mineral side is precise work carried out by expert operators who strive to make each product unique. This finish is the perfect addition to the contemporary home, combining hints of concrete and metal, and adding sophisticated style to any interior.



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