Florida Audio Expo 2023 and Welcome Back

Warmth in Winter

It’s time.

After a long, cruel, and absolutely brutal winter in Northern Illinois, being back in Tampa is something of a relief. A life-saving retreat.

I may be exaggerating. Northern Illinois winters are famous for being just of awful (from the wrong side of it, that is), but this past hasn’t been all that. As I write this, it’s unseasonably warm across the northern states. While I, apparently a Southerner and something of a weather snowflake, am delighted by the early Spring, wiser folks are probably far more concerned. But that’s a thought for another day. Today, I’m in Tampa. It’s lovely. And all the best people are here.

Bart Andeer and his merry band of hooligans have invited us to three days of sun, fun, and great sound.

Here’s a snapshot of the delights so far. More will be coming. So, settle your cold, weary, and jealous bones and take a peek.

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