Falcon Acoustics M10 and MoFi | FLAX 2023

falcon acoustics m10

I had at least two people tell me, just prior to the 2023 Florida Audio Expo, that MoFi Distribution‘s Jonathan Derda want me to stop by his room because he had a two-way speaker he wanted me to hear. At first I thought it was Andrew Jones’ new SourcePoint speaker because the buzz, quite frankly, has been deafening. (Is that an appropriate adjective in the world of high-end audio?) I found Jonathan in the Falcon room, where I immediate saw a new BBC-ish monitor, more SP3/1 than LS3/5a in appearance. It’s the newest model, dubbed the Falcon Acoustics M10.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

I asked Jonathan if this was the two-way monitor he wanted me to review–especially after my Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a MoFi Edition lovefest from 2021. He said yes, but it was between the Falcon Acoustics M10 and the 50th Anniversary LS3/5a Gold Badge ($4,000/pr USD)–which were also in the room with their glorious and exotic veneers. There was only one issue with reviewing the Gold Badge–they’re almost all gone. I heard there were less than ten pairs left. Suddenly I thought, “Should I review the Gold Badge or buy them?” I’m kind of hoping they just make a few more so I can eventually take a listen.

ls3/5a Gold Badge

The Falcon Acoustics M10s were the ones actually playing in the room at the time, so I sat down and listened to a few songs. I realized that the M10s sounded a lot like the LS3/5a in terms of pure tonality–so much so that I kept referring to the M10s as LS3/5as while talking to Falcon Acoustics’ main designer, Jerry Bloomfield. I went back the next day to apologize, but he understood completely. The Falcon Acoustics sounds a lot like an LS3/5a, but with extended low frequencies.

falcon acoustics m10

I asked how much. The answer shocked me. Just $2,250 per pair. The Falcon Acoustics M10 might be a bigger bargain than the $1,995/pr MoFi LS3/5as. That’s just conjecture, of course–I’m going to need some additional time to make sure. Hint, hint.

While I was going nuts over the Falcon Acoustics M10, everyone else in the room fell in love with the MoFi “Fender” limited edition turntable. I think it was Brian Hunter who leaned in close and asked me, “Do you like this?” I told him I did, and he sighed and replied, “Yeah, me too.” It’s really pretty. Since Brian’s been running a MoFi turntable–he’s really enjoying it–this might be a candidate for coolest ‘table of the year. The amplification in the room was supplied by the superb Balanced Audio Technology VK-3500 integrated amp that I reviewed last year. But the Falcon Acoustics M10? This might be much bigger news.

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mofi fender

falcon acoustics m10