MC Audiotech and ModWright | FLAX 2023


In the MC Audiotech and ModWright room, Mark Conti and Paul Paddock brought their long-awaited new speaker, the TL-12. If you remember, I reviewed the larger MC Audiotech Forty-10 last year and encountered a couple of obstacles that prevented me from realizing their potential. First, I realized that I had hit the wall when it came to placing big speakers in my medium-sized listening room. The more space I gave the Forty-10s, the better they sounded, but I just ran out of real estate. The second obstacle had to do with their need for bi-amping–I just felt there was a greater need to explore the right amps for the big MC Audiotech, and I only had so many amps on hand to try out. I should have been better prepared.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

I promised Mark and Paul that I’d come out and meet with them one day to hear a Forty-10 that was properly set-up. At the 2023 Florida Audio Show, that day had come. But when I entered the MC Audiotech and ModWright room, the speakers were now smaller, lighter and no longer in need of bi-amping. Quite frankly, they sounded terrific!


The new TL-12 in the MC Audiotech and ModWright room was simply superb and well-rounded–something you should expect for a loudspeaker that starts at $25K per pair. They’re also easy to drive with an efficiency of 92-93 dB at 8 ohms. The ModWright amps certainly delivered the power, but with those numbers I’d be tempted to connect these monoliths to a low-powered tube amp. But mated to a full rack of Dan Wright‘s best, a VPI turntable and Weiss digital, the TL-12s in the MC Audiotech and ModWright room sounded airy, open with plenty of bass authority.

mc audiotech and modwright

You might have noticed that I mentioned mating the TL-12 with a tube amp, which implies that I might get another chance to review a MC Audiotech loudspeaker. I’m moving to a much larger house in the next few months, and I have asked Mark and Paul to drop off a pair of TL-12s once I get settled. From what I heard in the MC Audiotech and ModWright room, I think I’m gonna be really happy with the results.

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mc audiotech and modwright