Electrocompaniet, Triangle and Wireworld | FLAX 2023

I walked into room 713 at the Florida Audio Expo was met with a very pleasant surprise. While the Wireworld cables and Electrocompaniet amplification in the room were not new to me, I haven’t spent much time with Triangle loudspeakers from France. The folks at Triangle were showcasing the new Magellan 40th Anniversary, which starts at $20k/pr USD. The Magellans feature Triangle’s new tweeter dome, which is made from a magnesium alloy.

Words and Photos by Matthew Partrick

As I said, this was my first time hearing any offering from this company, and I was very impressed. These were, in my opinion, the best floor-standing dynamic loudspeaker at the show–at least among the one’s that didn’t require a second mortgage. These new Triangle models also feature a rear-firing tweeter that added a really nice, open non-directionality to the sound–especially with the Electocompaniet amps.


As for amplification, just because Electrocompaniet is well known to me doesn’t mean I wasn’t appropriately impressed with the latest products. This Norwegian manufacturer was demonstrating several pieces of gear in Tampa, namely the Electrocompaniet AW 800M NEMO 2 monoblock power amplifiers, retailing for $22,500, as well as the Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MkII preamplifier (for just under $5k), and an ECM MkII streamer that retails for $5,700 USD.

Wireworld, as I mentioned, provided the cables, with the Eclipse 8 speaker cables used in this system starting at $1,900 per pair. Analog, of course, was supplied by a VPI ‘table and arm and a Phasemation cartridge.

vpi and phasemation

The Electrocompaniet NEMO 2 pushes 300 watts in stereo and a walloping 800 watts as a monoblock, and did a stellar job of driving the Triangle speakers, which are moderately sensitive at 91 dB. Signal work from Electrocompaniet was impeccable; “Keep the Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius was reproduced by the EC 4.8 Mk II preamp and the Mk II streamer in a smooth and dreamy manner.
Do yourself a favor and make sure to check out these offerings at your next audio show.

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triangle magellan

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