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Room 418 at the 2023 Florida Audio Expo featured kit solely from California-based company TriangleART, all from the mind of Tom Vu, and I found it quite impressive. The speakers were the TriangleART Metis horns, retailing for a cool $60,000 per pair. Just beautifully made, the midrange horn is solid walnut and finished with a hand-rubbed satin finish; it encompasses a 6.5 inch Beyma wide bandwidth cone driver that covers the frequency response from 200 Hz to 1.6 kHz.

Words and Photos by Matthew Partrick

High frequencies for the TriangleART Metis is covered by its RAAL ribbon tweeters, and bass is provided by an Acoustic Elegance 15 driver in a walnut vented enclosure. Nominal impedance is listed at 8 Ohms, with 95 dB sensitivity, and the frequency response of the whole loudspeaker system is an amazing 20Hz-60kHz.

turntables at flax 2023

The electronics from TriangleART included the M100 Tube monoblock for $25k, the P200 Tube
phono stage for $18k, and the TriangleART L200 MK2 Tube Linestage for $25k. Signal was handled by the absolutely gorgeous Anubis turntable retailing for $18,000, not including the Osiris Diamond 12’’ tonearm for $9k and the Apollo MC cartridge for another $9k. TriangleART also featured a more affordable Maestro turntable for yes, $9K, and its a perfect match for the TriangleART Horus 12’’ tonearm for $4,400, along with Tom Vu’s Zeus MC cartridge for $4,800.


The sound in this room was what you might expect from a system comprised of gorgeous hand-made tube amps, precision milled turntables and wooden hand-made transducers. These horns and front end from TriangleART do everything that well-made, upper tier horn/tube combos should do; namely put you in the very front row of your favorite band’s or symphony’s concert hall. The sound was exquisite, and they are very easy on the eyes as well, the sort of heirloom speaker and kit that would be an easy sell for those audiophiles dreaming about passing these along to the next generation.

flax 2023

flax 2023



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