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Børresen X3

The latest news out of Audio Group Denmark is the introduction of the new Børresen X3 loudspeaker, which we just saw at the 2023 Florida Audio Expo. (It was in the same room/system as the Aavik Forte integrated amplifier/DAC/streamer, which will soon be available at just $5,500 USD.) We don’t have the US price yet, but these are currently selling in Europe for 10,000 euros per pair. Here is the press release for the Børresen X3:

The new Børresen X3 loudspeaker
A loudspeaker with all characteristic Børresen features and a revolution in quality, performance and
price. This new Børresen X3 loudspeaker marks the creation of a completely new entry level into the Børresen loudspeaker universe.

Børresen Acoustics’ philosophy is to bring music closer to people by creating access to great, authentic and emotional music experiences. Børresen believes that everyone deserves these kinds of wonderful moments. This is exactly why Børresen Acoustics has developed a new entry-level speaker at an affordable price, making the Børresen speaker universe accessible to even more people.

The Børresen X3 has been designed on the solid foundation of Børresen Acoustics development traditions, design philosophy and technological know-how. The biggest challenge for the Børresen engineering team was to create an entry-level Børresen loudspeaker that was more affordable, yet still had the typical Børresen DNA and quality standard. To do this, they had to figure out which technologies and components from existing speaker models would have the greatest impact on sound performance and also guarantee the well-known Børresen qualities. The next task was
then to find out how to make such a loudspeaker more cost-effective.

The result of this development and design process is a high-quality loudspeaker with all the outstanding acoustic properties of the Børresen M, 0 and Z series. The Børresen X3 loudspeaker is not only a new entry-level speaker into the Børresen universe, but also represents a real revolution in quality and performance in its price range.

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X-series Membrane
To ensure the typical Børresen characteristics in the X3 loudspeaker, Michael Børresen and his team of designers and engineers were able to draw on the development process and technology of the newly created Børresen M1 membrane – Børresen’s most ambitious loudspeaker project to date. This membrane is designed to achieve maximum stiffness with minimum noise. The technological requirements for this unrivaled high-end membrane performance made it necessary to design, develop and assemble all components in-house. Michael Børresen and his team designed many different variations and models until they finally achieved their uncompromising goal of ultimate membrane performance for unprecedented sound quality.

The result is the X3 membrane that consists of three skins laminated into a single unit: two layers of spread carbon fiber, with a layer of aramid honeycomb spacers in between. The combination of these materials gives this membrane its unique properties. The spread-tow carbon fiber was designed to provide a skin with optimal stiffness. This unique feature of the membrane reduces sound-disturbing vibrations and resonances to unprecedented levels. The aramid honeycomb also has the best stiffness-to-weight ratio in the vertical direction.

A flat response membrane in terms of resonances paved the way to build a very transparent loudspeaker with a reduced size of the magnetic motor system to optimize costs.

Please visit the Børresen website to find a dealer near you, contact your dealer, or contact Børresen Acoustics at sales@audiogroupdenmark.com. We would be delighted to arrange a personal auditioning for you.

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Børresen X3