Melco Audio Launches New Digital Flagship | Announcements

melco audio
This just in from the folks at Luxman America, who also represent Melco Audio here in the US:
“We’re all pleased to announce that Melco Audio, the Japanese digital music expert, has launched the N1-S38, an all-new flagship SSD-based digital music library offering the best sonic performance in the company’s history. ($11,995). Luxman America has these units available now.”
luxman america
Here’s the press release from Melco Audio:

The flagship Melco Audio N1-S38 has been researched and developed from the ground up, incorporating a brand new aluminium chassis (3mm thick, larger fully populated main board, higher performance CPU and larger internal flash memory). These aspects add up to increased performance whilst retaining the most important goal: unrivalled sound quality.

The N1-S38 improves on the fantastic N1ZS and N10 Melco music library products, incorporating the technologies learnt and developed to the next level.

  • Specially selected 3.84 TB SSD drive for audio performance
  • High-quality positive-click front panel buttons
  • Crystal-clear, easy-read, low-noise OLED display
  • 4x USB 3.0 ports for easy back up, expansion and DAC connectivity
  • Easy music importing from flash, CD or HDD drives
  • IEC mains inlet with true electrical ground to define the source component as ground point
  • External 10MHz clock connection (BNC)

Engineered in Japan, Melco’s award-winning range of digital music libraries have been painstakingly designed to store and playback lifetime-built music collections in the best possible sound quality, while offering the convenience and discovery of music streaming, too.

Melco Audio offers music lovers a unique proposition: its highly advanced designs use proprietary architecture and are entirely devoid of ordinary computer hardware. Instead, Melco uses premium audio-specific components, delivering superior performance, optimum reliability and, most importantly, class-leading sound quality.

Melco’s first hi-fi products arrived in 1975, with its digital libraries debuting in 2014. Melco’ s experience has realised the ‘gold standard’ in storage and playback, and the company is trusted by customers all over the world to play cherished music collections without compromise.

Designed with ease of use in mind, key Melco features including easy back-up, importing and CD ripping, plus simple front panel controls, make using a Melco library intuitive. There’s even a dedicated control app, Melco Music HD, for simple tablet operation with a rich graphical interface.

melco audio