Silent Angel Rhein Z1-Plus Server Introduced | Announcements

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Just a few days before we publish Matthew Partrick’s review of the Silent Angel Bonn N8 Pro ethernet switch, news has arrived about the company’s latest music server, the Rhein Z1 Plus. Here’s the press release:

Silent Angel Introduces Rhein Z1-Plus Server

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, February 28, 2023: In 2019, Silent Angel, designer of High End digital
components, introduced the Silent Angel Rhein Z1, which was immediately hailed as a new standard in high value servers. Now, Silent Angel proudly debuts Rhein Z1 Plus: an all-new design whose features and performance advance the State-of-the-Art in server design. Like its predecessor, the Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus is housed in a beautifully sculpted, Aircraft Grade Aluminum chassis which minimizes mechanical and electrical noise while providing ideal heat dissipation. This is where the similarities between old and new models end.

Cooling efficiency has been optimized with cutting-edge Graphene materials technology and a
custom-designed copper heatsink mounted to the Mother Board. The result is improved thermal
stability and product longevity. Numerous techniques have been implemented to eliminate noise,
including EMI noise-filtering technology, an advanced high-frequency noise filter circuit for USB
Audio Output and a noise filter circuit at the power input. The combined effect of these
improvements is a significant and immediately audible reduction in background noise with “Blacker
blacks” and increased resolution of fine detail. The addition of our Forester F2 Linear Power Supply
(LPS) further improves intertransient silence and dynamic range to a level unsurpassed by any other
server, including those that sell for multiples of Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus’ price.

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Whereas the Z1 used a standard Word Clock, the Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus incorporates two highly accurate TCXO word clocks which minimize network latency and jitter for enhanced sound quality. For audiophiles seeking ultimate performance, an external 25MHz Word Clock input allows outboard clock upgrades, such as Silent Angel’s Genesis GX word clock.

The Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus supports the latest high-resolution audio formats, including DSD512 and PCM up to 768KHz. Its powerful 4-core CPU enables perfect Roon Core DSP transcoding from PCM to DSD256, while a high-performance NVMe SSD ensures efficient system and music data usage, with available storage up to 4TB. All major streaming formats including Spotify, Tidal Qobuz, Apple AirPlay and Amazon Music HD are supported. The ability to simultaneously supply up to 10 audio outputs makes Z1 Plus a true whole-house, multi-zone component.

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Another unique advantage of Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus is Silent Angel’s VitOS Software. Capable of running multiple music applications concurrently, with optimized audio output priority, low latency, high stability and accelerated high-speed network transmission. VitOS makes the Z1 Plus a future-proof product: continuous software upgrades are available. The VitOS system update process will be protected by dual-firmware design, giving a redundant copy to prevent system failure due to unexpected power outage.

The Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus is the ultimate solution for music enthusiasts. It offers seamless connectivity to your digital music library and allows you to enjoy it at any time. Whether used as an ultimate-performance Music Server, Transporter, Roon Bridge or HQPlayer NAA, the Z1 Plus’ performance, features and versatility place in in a class by itself.

Z1 Plus is available starting 15 March, 2023 with MSRP starting at $3,199
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