Ferrum WANDLA DAC to Debut at AXPONA | Announcements

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Just the other day we were hanging out in the PTA War Room, talking about our favorite headphone rigs, when someone mentioned the HYPSOS and OOR combination from Ferrum Audio in Poland. Marc Phillips reviewed it a couple of years ago and was mightily impressed, as are at least a couple of our PTA head-fi experts. That makes the debut of the Ferrum WANDLA, the company’s first stand-alone DAC, a notable announcement.

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Here are some highlights from the press release from Vana Ltd., who represents Ferrum Audio in the US.


WANDLA—derived from the German word Wandler, for converter—was, from its inception, designed to set a new standard among D-to-A Converters, regardless of price. WANDLA has at its heart our proprietary ARM-based platform, SERCE. Utilizing Ferrum’s software, SERCE processes all incoming digital data streams. Our ARM processor performs the work of five chips and creates the shortest possible signal path for the audio-optimized USB, HDMI, I2S, coaxial, and optical S/PDIF ports. Behind the conversion stage, Ferrum’s engineering team implemented an advanced new current-to-voltage converter and an output stage that benefited from experience in developing the acclaimed OOR and ERCO. Based on our HYPSOS’ (Linear Power Supply) revolutionary hybrid design, multiple internal supplies power both analog and digital sections to minimize interference and noise while maximizing channel separation.

Debut at AXPONA

VANA LTD, Importer and Distributor of Luxury Audio Products, will introduce WANDLA: the first “stand-alone” DAC from Ferrum at AXPONA 2023.

Ferrum’s complete range of award-winning products will be on display in Ear Gear booth # 1205 and room #8208 of the Renaissance Schaumberg Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, 14-16 April.

WANDLA is currently available at an MSRP of $2,795 USD.

For more information, please contact support@vanaltd.com.

Further details may be found at ferrum.audio.
ferrum wandla