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This week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast really has it all. Thoughts on the current state of music, Jazz improvisation, and even a performance of the technique of throat singing from Tibet. All these sonic wonders come courtesy of Garth Powell of Audioquest.

We had so much fun with Garth last month, that we had to break it all up into two sections. Part two featured this week explores the status of things for musicians in a post-pandemic reality – the shifting sands of the music industry – along with some big misconceptions that audiophiles might have about studio work and the production side of things. In addition to working at Audioquest (check out our episode How To Reduce Noise And Eliminate Hum) Garth is an accomplished Jazz musician located in the Los Angeles area. His perspective on actual music making is just as intriguing as his vast experience in the audiophile space.

Also included in the episode is our big pre show AXPONA prep. We sound off on all the new upcoming product releases that will be appearing at the event this week, along with a special bonus interview with Liz Miller and Mark Freed from the Chicago-based audio show. They divulge a few of their own tips and tricks for getting around the large convention, and even give us a little peak behind the curtain to see what it is like to host a hifi party of this magnitude.

Also releasing at the AXPONA show will be one of the first collaborations with PartTimeAudiophile and The Occasional Podcast in a series we are calling PTA Approved. More details will be released as we get closer to the weekend, but keep your eyes peeled for some really cool merch upcoming from all of us here in the PTA Network.

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