YG Talus and Bel Canto Design | AXPONA 2023

yg talus

I’ve mentioned the incredible amount of good sound at AXPONA 2023, and how every single room seemed to offer a compelling argument for seat time. I don’t want to say I was surprised by the sound of the YG Talus and Bel Canto Design room–I like both brands, and this room made several “Best of” lists among the Part-Time Audiophile team. But there was something about this combination, in this dark and quiet room, that made me want to stay and hear much, much more.

Words by Marc Phillips, Photos by Scot Hull

I’ve been intrigued by the YG Acoustics Peaks line ever since it was announced. YG Acoustics usually makes huge speakers in aluminum enclosures and that is not easy or inexpensive to do. The idea of a more affordable YG, therefore, is compelling to me. Bel Canto Design, however, upped the stakes considerably when they paired the YG Talus ($14,200/pr USD) with components from their top shelf Black series, including the Black DAC System ($40,000), a two-chassis digital control center, and the Black Dual Mono amp ($10,500).

yg talus

I mentioned that the YG Talus and Bel Canto room was dark and quiet, in an inviting way, and that mood carried over to the sound. What I heard was immediate and natural, with stunning imaging in a fairly small room. The YG Talus is the smallest floorstander in the Peaks line, and it is pleasingly petite and looks gorgeous.

bel canto

While the YG Talus is capable of going down to 32Hz (I’ve always admired YG’s bass performance on all their models), but the exhibitors still chose to bring the YG Descent subwoofer ($7,800), which has been designed specifically for the Peaks line. This is an active sub (1,000 watts) and has a frequency response of 18Hz-150Hz. That explained why the sound in this small room sounded so expansive and powerful.

This all added up to a sound that was both incredibly detailed and very seductive. The YG Talus and Bel Canto room was a sleeper–it didn’t draw attention to itself until you sat down for a while and surrendered to its charms. I can’t wait to hear more from the Peaks series.

peaks series

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